Marcel Bruer Cesca Cane Chair (Armless)

As seen in: Black Mirror- Bandersnatch, Someone Great

Designer: Marcel Breuer


Marcel Bruer is a modernist architect and designer.
His fascination for new technology and native materials led to the creation of the Cesca chair, seen in Someone Great. The use of cane rattan for the seat and beech wood for the frame, mixed with tubular steel gained recognition globally. The seat is made by hand, strand by strand, weaving the rattan.

Nowadays, one could find a Cesca chair replica online.

A vintage Cesca chair would have slight scratches but the chrome tubular frame and cane seat are still in good condition. With its popularity, limited pieces are available.
As seen in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, creating a classic look, the Cesca chair (armless) is an excellent choice for casual dining.