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  • blofeld chair

    Sixty-Two G Plan Armchair

    Made more recognizable by the film You Only Live Twice, the Sixty-Two Blofeld chair is masculine. The backrest in an inverted trapezoidal shape, with thick armrests, and tufted upholstery create a dominant feel. Sit on one and you will know.

  • LAIR- Radical-Homes-and-Hideouts-of-Movie-Villains

    Lair: Radical Homes And Hideouts Of Movie Villains (Book)

    There is something seriously disturbing and cold when it comes to the hideouts of movie villains. If you’re curious to see how they designed and came up with those places, then the book Lair: Radical Homes and Hideouts of Movie Villains is the one for you. As seen in Blade Runner 2049, get engrossed now.

  • ken adam books

    Ken Adam Designs The Movies: James Bond And Beyond (Book)

    To call him a genius is just as normal as the sun rises every day. Ken Adams, the most sought-after production designer of his time, challenged the way we think. The Ken Adams book will take you to the events that made his concepts into unique and captivating set designs.

  • james bond desk

    James Bond Desk by Bodil Kjaer

    If you love James Bond movies, chances are, you would have noticed this expansive desk. The Bodil Kjaer Desk made of a wooden top with steel legs caught one’s eye. Bodil Kjaer is a Danish furniture designer and architect more known for her office furniture series in the 1960s. In 1959, she created the Bodil…

  • blofeld chair

    G-Plan 6250 Swivel Chair: The Blofeld Chair

    One of the most famous of all villains would be Blofeld in the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. Seen seated on the G-Plan 6250 swivel chair, it adds to Blofeld’s commanding presence. The Blofeld chair is made of leather with a wooden frame. Comfortable and grand. Dimensions: H 96 x W 94 x…