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  • florence sofaflorence-knoll-sofa-2

    Florence Knoll 2 Seater Sofa

    Mid-century, the fresh colors, proportion, and style all make the Florence Knoll 2 seater sofa a true classic. The Florence sofa as seen in the series Mad Men creates a mix of an old and new ambience to any room.

  • miniature egg chair

    Miniature Egg Chair

    The iconic Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen has been seen in several movies like The Bridge and Men in Black II. The miniature version of the Egg chair is available in different colors. The pink or yellow miniature Egg chair are examples. Felt was used to covcoveringe chairs that are both at a 1:12 scale….

  • arco lamp replicaIron Man futuristic interactive home tony stark

    Arco Floor Lamp

    The Arco lamp’s appearance in popular films such as Diamonds Are Forever and Iron Man quickly captured the attention of viewers. Its unique shape and size allow it to seamlessly blend with other furniture without being overpowered. However, with the popularity of this iconic lamp came the creation of replicas. These replicas are made with…

  • blofeld chair

    G-Plan 6250 Swivel Chair: The Blofeld Chair

    One of the most famous of all villains would be Blofeld in the James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. Seen seated on the G-Plan 6250 swivel chair, it adds to Blofeld’s commanding presence. The Blofeld chair is made of leather with a wooden frame. Comfortable and grand. Dimensions: H 96 x W 94 x…

  • florence-knoll-sofaflorence-knoll-sofa-2

    Mid-Century Florence Knoll Sofa

    The Florence Knoll Sofa, is a sophisticated and exquisite mid-century sofa. Created by Florence Knoll in 1954, her intention was to build a piece of furniture that can withstand the test of time. Simple yet dapper, the Florence Knoll sofa was seen in Mad Men the series. Ideal for offices with modern aesthetics and clean…