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  • room to dream

    Room To Dream (Book)


  • the making of stanley kubrick's 2001 a space odyssey2001 A Space Odyssey Design

    The Making Of Stanley Kubrick’S 2001: A Space Odyssey (Book)


  • LAIR- Radical-Homes-and-Hideouts-of-Movie-Villains

    Lair: Radical Homes And Hideouts Of Movie Villains (Book)

    There is something seriously disturbing and cold when it comes to the hideouts of movie villains. If you’re curious to see how they designed and came up with those places, then the book Lair: Radical Homes and Hideouts of Movie Villains is the one for you. As seen in Blade Runner 2049, get engrossed now.

  • ken adam books

    Ken Adam Designs The Movies: James Bond And Beyond (Book)

    To call him a genius is just as normal as the sun rises every day. Ken Adams, the most sought-after production designer of his time, challenged the way we think. The Ken Adams book will take you to the events that made his concepts into unique and captivating set designs.

  • Stanley-Kubrick-Archive-Book

    The Stanley Kubrick Archives (Book)

    In a dream that turned into a nightmare, a journey to space learning about evolution, but all of a sudden you are in a battle with a gladiator? Oh, there might be a robbery in a racetrack gone bad, so bad that you find yourself killing your family! Take a look inside the mind of…

  • the glass room

    The Glass Room Novel

    One major part of the novel The Glass Room by Simon Mawer depicts the triumphs and struggles in the marriage of Viktor and Liesel Landauer during a challenging era. The film The Affair is an adaptation of the book showing more than the complexities of passion. The Glass Room, your next read.

  • WolfWalkers-Cartoon

    WolfWalkers: The Graphic Novel

    An enchanting graphic novel about a feud, a friendship, and two girls forever changed. Based on the beautifully hand-crafted animated adventure, WolfWalkers, this graphic novel features an introduction and exclusive original art from film co-creator Tomm Moore and co-Art Director Maria Pareja. Watch the stunning, Golden Globe-nominated film available on Apple TV+ now.

  • queen's gambit bookWalter-Korn-Chess-Book-TheQueensGambitS1E2Exchanges-

    Queen’s Gambit Book

    MODERN CHESS OPENINGS (BOOK) Mr. Shaibel (Bill Camp), a learned janitor in the Queen’s Gambit gave Beth Harmon a book to read and study, Modern Chess Openings. The Queen Gambit’s book helped her be the best at chess at a young age, a child prodigy as others would say. It seems intriguing to find out…

  • christmas at highclere castle

    Christmas At Highclere Castle

    If there is one thing to look forward to that’s the Christmas celebration at Downton Abbey’s Highclere castle. All the preparations are to be done by Carson (Jim Carter) and the rest of the staff. Let’s not forget the Crowley family especially Lady Mary Crowley (Michelle Dockery). Recipes to be followed for the special feast…

  • The Haunted House in Film

    Dark Places: The Haunted House In Film By Barry Curtis

    Barry Curtis researched and studied horror films and those scary dark places that monsters hide. With his version of the haunted house, he depicted different places like a dark road and captured the horror behind them. Will this be able to help us be less frightened when watching horror films? Buy a copy to find…

  • incredibles book

    The Art Of The Incredibles: Behind The Scenes

    A superhero film by Pixar Animation, The Incredibles made an impression on children and adults. With the Art of The Incredibles, one may see graphics behind the scenes. The Incredibles book is available online.

  • the art and soul of blade runner 2049

    The Art And Soul Of Blade Runner 2049

    A compilation of the Blade Runner 2049 The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049 is one highly coveted visual art book. Showing behind-the-scenes photographs telling the story of the film from start to finish with insights from the actors themselves.