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Outfits inspired by Natalie from Love Hard

Getting catfished after dating someone on an online dating app is no fun – in real life, I might add. But if the person getting deceived is Nina Dobrev and you are watching Love Hard, you are sure to get fits of laughter and tons of entertainment.

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Natalie wears this dress for a dinner with Tag.

This 2021 American rom-com features a girl, Natalie Bauer, who flies to New York to meet her online crush, only to discover that she has been catfished. But what’s more epic than Natalie’s journey is her style! The actress styles chic yet comfortable holiday-themed outfits and looks absolutely stunning. Let’s explore the Love Hard clothes in detail, shall we?

Natalie’s Red Dress with Flowers



Natalie wears this dress for a dinner with Tag.

Mimicking Natalie Bauer’s style is easier than you could have imagined. The character has a minimalist style, which genuinely depicts her mature personality. This read, floral Nina Dobrev Love Hard outfit is the perfect yet effortless Christmas vibe.

The best part is that this dress offers a considerable margin for personalization. You can go overboard with the accessories or keep it simple like Natalie and style it with a gold chain.

Nina Dobrev Love Hard Wardrobe: Burgundy Turtleneck Dress

Turtlenecks have been the trendiest winter fashion for the past seasons, and this burgundy one is the chicest of all Nina Dobrev’s Love Hard clothes. The actress styles this burgundy turtleneck dress with a leather jacket and a brown tote bag.


Natalie wears the Burgundy Turtleneck dress to Josh’s house. Netflix

Natalie flies to New York and realizes she got catfished by Josh Lin

You can pair this turtleneck dress with knee-high socks, long boots, strappy heels, winter coats, a blazer and even tights – the options are endless! The best part is that all these components are already in fashion, so that you would have no issues recreating this Love Hard fashion look.

Happy Birthday, Jesus Sweater from Love Hard



Natalie’s grandma-knit Happy Birthday Jesus sweater. Netflix

Saying “Merry Christmas” is so outdated – bring a modern touch to your holidays this year by wearing a “Happy Birthday Jesus” sweater instead! As it seems, Natalie Bauer had this idea before us, and she even styled this cozy grandma-knit Christmas sweater with Happy Birthday Jesus in Love Hard.

There’s not much we can comment about this Love Hard Christmas sweater other than it is the perfect thing to wear on a chilly morning or a cozy holiday night.

Write on T-Shirt Inspired by Natalie from Love Hard

Write on. Funny Novelty Writing Gift for Writers T-Shirt - Hiole Hard Clothes


Natalie wears a navy blue T-shirt when packing for New York. Netflix

Write-on shirts are the newest summer trend; apparently, Natalie Bauer took it a bit too seriously. The actress wears a shirt with “Write On” written on it, but it isn’t absurd, considering she is playing the role of a dating column writer from LA.

But hey, you now know that you can transform even the simplest clothing into something stylish by adding a layered chain!

Natalie Bauer’s Nike Crop Top from Love Hard



Natalie Bauer wears a Nike crop top when showing Heather a picture of Josh (aka Tag). Netflix

At this point, we have started treating Natalie Bauer as an authorized winter-wear expert, and the character proves why she deserves this recognition through every wardrobe change!

Nina Dobrev’s Love Hard outfits include a gray Nike crop-top sweatshirt that she wears when she reveals her online ‘crush’ to her best friend, Heather. While the actress pairs the Nike hoodie crop top with skinny black jeans and a low ponytail, you can always mix and match different articles of clothing, like white jeans, sneakers, and a messy bun.

Heather’s Santa Jesus Sweater

Tipsy Elves Men's Santa and Jesus Tandem Bike Christmas Sweater - Ugly Christmas Sweater


Heather wears a Tipsy elve sweater to work. Netflix

Now that we mentioned Heather, we might as well discuss a Love Hard movie clothing inspired by her. The character wears this cute sweater in the movie’s beginning with Jesus and Santa on a bicycle. This Santa Jesus sweater is a superb, somewhat modern alternative to Natalie’s grandma-knit “Happy Birthday Jesus” sweater.

Nina Dobrev’s Glass Dress

Nina Dobrev wears a stunning glass dress to the 2019 Met Gala

We all know about Cinderella’s glass slipper, but as it turns out, the godmother has made her a glass dress, too! Nina Dobrev’s 2019 Met Gala dress was unlike anything Posen created for anyone in the event.

In contrast to the designer’s favourite floor-length dresses, Dobrev’s glass dress comprises four components; and the bodice is made of plastic!

Natalie Bauer’s Slip Black Dress



Love Hard: Natalie Bauer’s Black Slip Dress

Natalie’s simple black slip dress is another trendy Love Hard fashion item. The A-line cut dress is made of satin or silk and has filigree spaghetti straps. Pure femininity!

Slip dresses are an integral part of the wardrobe of a stylish woman – every woman needs it in her closet!

An unlucky-in-love girl gets catfished by her crush’s childhood best friend – Watch “Love Hard” on Netflix!

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Viewers love how perfectly Nina Dobrev portrays Natalie’s character in Love Hard. And considering that the movie is based in the 21st century, people will have no issues styling Natalie’s Lover Hard clothes.

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