Mad Men – Whiskey Glasses

Mad Men is one of those shows that everyone knows – your grandmother used it as background noise while cooking, your mother watched it because she had a crush on Jon Hamm, while you just kept wondering how they keep on releasing new episodes.

Needless to say, this dramatic TV series kept many eyes occupied, and we’re not just talking about the handsome actors walking around in suits and ties. One of the staple pieces in the show are the Mad Men whiskey glasses – simple, yet quite elegant.

whiskey-glasses-rimmed-as-seein-in-mad-men- Roger-Sterling
Roger H. Sterling admires these delicate glasses.
Mad Men whiskey tumblers
Don Draper with his charismatic speech.

In the TV show, we get a glance into the lives of Madison Avenue men. We all know the 1960s were quite a good time for business, but it’s even more interesting to observe the people who were building a career back then. Donald Draper, played by Jon Hamm, is a creative genius building an advertising agency – he has an eye for fancy glasses too, right?

Dorothy Thorpe Whiskey Glasses

While the men discuss personal matters and deep topics, we’re allowed to be a bit superficial – these whiskey glasses from Mad Men were designed by Dorothy Thorpe. Can you believe that this absolutely phenomenal artist from California had no official education, but began to explore her art by customizing beer bottles at home?

It’s very tough to reach her original work these days, and the prices are often out of many people’s budgets. Thankfully, there are always creatives out there who do their best to celebrate movies and TV shows by making furniture and decorations inspired by the very set design – they often make the pieces affordable, too!

Just a few years were enough for Dorothy to become famous for her work, and although her first products weren’t priced high and were sold in small Hollywood gift shops, her work is considered priceless nowadays.

We love these Mad Men whiskey glasses. However, what we’re missing here is Draper’s finishing remark on Roger’s drinking philosophy: “Maybe I’m not as comfortable as being powerless as you are.”

The Thorpe vintage Mad Men whiskey glasses became much more popular than other decorations she had done – these include lamps, windows, silverware, and more. If you’re into math, let us give you a bit more insight on these glasses.

There are several sizes used on the set, but the famous model of these glasses holds 8 fluid ounces. These delicate glasses leave little to the imagination, as they’re fully transparent, apart from the very top that’s covered in reflective, silver shades. This simple stripe gives the glass a luxury look, but it doesn’t make it look tacky at all – Don wouldn’t like tacky, would he?

So, whether you’re a true lover of Mad Men or someone who just happens to know a dedicated fan, these glasses will surely make your home look more luxurious. Unlike many other decorations and merch, these glasses can actually be used daily, and they won’t go unnoticed when you put them on your table.

These Mad Men style whiskey glasses can be bought online, and they’re a perfect gift for movie enthusiasts or those who are a part of the business world themselves. You know what they say – fake it until you make it. If you can’t look like Don yet, you can definitely drink the way he does! Cheers!