Roly-Poly Whiskey Glasses – Mad Men

As seen in: Mad Men

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A lot of women would agree that Don Draper (John Hamm) of Mad Men is sexy. What’s even sexier is him holding and drinking from one of the Roly-Poly whiskey glasses by Dorothy Thorpe, his signature look.
The American artist, Dorothy Thorpe, is known for creating exceptional glassware and ceramic designs. Her Roly-poly glass design has a modern look and has a fine feel in the hand with its gentle curve and thin rim.
Made of blown glass with silver leaf overlay rims, the round shape is why it is called roly-poly but with a heavy bottom that prevents it from toppling over. Best to wash by hand to prevent the silver from fading.
You can find the whiskey glass replica online made by Viski, having the same look made of lead-free crystal glass with a chrome rim, as opposed to the silver overlay. Easily experience being Don Draper at a very reasonable price.

It’s always a handsome man that holds and drinks from beautiful whiskey glasses and Don Draper is no exception, as seen in Mad Men.
The sleek and modern design is also seen in the replicas available online. Showing the silver or chrome band on the rim of the glass makes it classy but at a reasonable price. Just the right size, shape, and weight make for an easier grip.
Try grabbing your own set of the Madison Avenue whiskey glasses. Remember, they can give you a nice angle on your next selfie, so strike a pose drinking or holding one just for fun!

The mid-century Mad Men whiskey glasses are stylish and inviting. Share some drinks with your friends and can we say sexy one more time? Definitely worth having!