Heart of Stone Outfits Gal Gadot’s International Espionage Wardrobe

Heart of Stone Outfits: Gal Gadot’s International Espionage Wardrobe

What more could you want from a nerve jangling all out spy thriller, than international espionage, gun blazing action sequences and kick-ass women in equally impressive wardrobes. 

Well Netflix’s latest big budget blockbuster Heart of Stone, has that all and a bit more…

Official trailer for Netflix’s latest smash-hit, gripping thriller Heart of Stone. 

With Gal Gadot, no stranger to the world of fast paced stunt filled movies herself, leading the cast of gun-touting heroes, the star looks as tough as she does stylish. But when you are an undercover operative for the clandestine global spy network “The Charter” you’ve got to keep your cool and be ready for anything. And if the Gal Gadot Heart of Stone outfits are anything to go by there is a reason she is the formidable force that is always one step ahead of the baddies. 

The Typical Outfit of Kick-Ass Woman Like Rachel Stone

The Typical Outfit of Rachel Stone
Gal Gadot is no stranger to playing powerful women, especially since she is probably better known as Wonder Woman. But in Heart of Stone this “superhero” has to rely on her wits, intelligence and training to survive.  

It wouldn’t be an action packed, fight heavy thriller if the Gal Gadot Heart of Stone outfits didn’t consist of a selection of simple tank tops. The unspoken uniform of all big screen ass-kicking women, from the likes of Lara Croft to Terminator’s Sarah Connor. Straightforward and uncomplicated, Rachel Stone’s basic tank tops in both white and black, show off her athletic form and daredevil skills. Pairing nicely with everything from jeans to her black lace detail jumpsuit.  

Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) Outfit as seen in Heart of Stone movie
Rachel Stone’s layered tank tops with her all black lace detail jumpsuit.

Moncler White Down Puffer Jacket worn by Gal Gadot in Heart of Stone

Moncler White down jacket worn by Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) as seen in Heart of Stone movie outfits
Just because Rachel has a dangerous and exhilarating job to do, doesn’t mean that she can’t do it in style. Heart of Stone, Netflix.  
Moncler White down jacket worn by Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) as seen in Heart of Stone movie product
Moncler Grenoble
Grenoble Bruche French Flag Belted Puffer Ski Jacket

For Gal Gadot’s Rachel Stone the only thing more important than being ready for every eventuality, is blending into her surroundings. Which means a covert extraction at an exclusive ski-resort, come casino, in the Italian Alps calls for the perfect down-filled quilted jacket. But for our stylish spy, who doesn’t sacrifice her fashionable outfits even for the safety of the world, only this luxury four-way stretch belted black and white Moncler puffer will do.    

Saint Laurent Knee-High Boots 


Rachel Stone isn’t just any kind of spy, she is actually part of the clandestine global espionage agency “The Charter.” That is so secretive nobody knows about it other than the people who work there. Heart of Stone, Netflix. 

Even though most of Rachel Stone’s life revolves around paragliding off cliff edges, gun fights and driving dangerously fast on a motorbike in combat boots, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a few pairs of designer shoes in her closet. Like her black knee-high Saint Laurent pointed toe boots. They might not be battle worthy, but as Rachel Stone knows there is more to being a spy than just fighting. 

Rachel Stones Double Denim Ensemble in Heart of Stone

Never off the clock, even when Rachel is at home socializing she is ready for the worst cases scenario. Which always seems to find her. Heart of Stone, Netflix.  

It would appear that the life of an undercover operative for “The Charter” can be a tough one. Rachel can’t even relax when she is off the clock and hanging out with the MI6 team she has infiltrated. Always planning ahead, and for the worst case scenario, dressing comfortably and inconspicuously. However she is no less stylish in her simple double denim look of light blue tucked in shirt and matching jeans.   

A Splash of Color: Rachel Stones Orange Jersey Dress

Rachel’s job is to blend in and go unnoticed, unless she wants to be seen. And this dress is definitely one way to get noticed. Heart of Stone, Netflix.  

It would seem that everyone of the Gal Gadot Heart of Stone outfits have been thoroughly thought through, with puffer jackets to blend in while working in the Italian Alps to simple tank tops for fighting. But when Rachel Stone needs to make an impression she knows exactly what to do. Clinging to every one of her curves this bold orange mock-neck jersey dress is a standout look in her wardrobe, and will definitely have all eyes on her. Which was probably the point. 

Navy Blue Crop Jacket worn by Rachel Stone 

Rachel Stone’s outfits stay similar throughout Heart of Stone, with a tried and tested color palette and style. Which is more than can be said for her relationship with her MI6 work colleagues, which brings up some surprises.

It isn’t just winter puffer jackets that help Rachel Stone stay stylish while working. This on trend cropped jacket from Max Mara sits perfectly between being too fashionable and great as workwear. Sticking with her usual dark and moody color palette of blacks and navy’s, the double breasted wool jacket with a cropped body and relaxed fit is the perfect garment to add some sophistication to her jeans and stark white button-up shirt. 

Rachel’s Luxury Hublot Watch

Every action hero needs a digital watch to finish off their outfit, however Rachel Stone’s Hublot might be a bit pricey for most. Heart of Stone, Netflix. 

Gal Gadot’s Heart of Stone outfits are not the first action looks to be enhanced by the use of a high end digital watch. Recently Ryan Gosling (check out his onscreen style here) did the same when he added the Tag Heuer Carrera to his The Gray Man wardrobe. Yet our undercover operative’s choice of the pricey Hublot Big Bang e Gen3 Black Magic Watch might add some prestige to her movie looks, but is probably out of most peoples price range at over four thousand pounds.  

Gal Gadot’S Red Michael Kors Wool Coat in Heart of Stone 

Rachel’s wardrobe is full of standout jackets, including this striking red one, which she uses to add extra style to her simple jeans and shirt outfit. Heart of Stone, Netflix.  

With one stylish jacket after another Rachel has chosen a different designer this time, going for a bold piece by Michael Kors. The striking red wool coat, which is a departure from her darker color palette, has a classic slim fit and includes a matching belt to cinch the waist in. A real standout piece in the Gal Gadot Heart of Stone outfits with the color and more formal feel perfect for our operatives surveillance or undercover work.

Even in a movie full of thrilling twists and turns, high octane gun fights and plenty of powerful kick-ass women, it is hard not to be drawn to Rachel Stone. With the story as much about loyalty, trust and greed, one thing we can all agree is that we might have come for the plot but we stayed for the Gal Gadot Heart of Stone outfits. Filled with sophistication as well as comfort, we could all use a little bit of Rachel Stone’s wardrobe in our lives.

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