Damsel nspired Outfits

Elodie’s Outfit Inspirations from Netflix’s Hit Movie Damsel

Damsel has been a hit since its launch on Netflix on March 8, 2024, captivating audiences with its unique take on the classic fantasy genre. Although the movie features dragons and princesses, it breaks the stereotype of the helpless damsel waiting to be rescued. It shows Elodie (played by Millie Bobby Brown known as Eleven from Stranger Things) as a resilient protagonist who masters her own destiny alongside Prince Henry (played by Nick Robinson).

As with every princess, the Damsel is adorned in a dress complete with metal corsetry—an element that, from today’s standpoint, appears rather torturous and impractical for everyday wear.

Elodie undergoes a royal transformation as servants carefully attire her in a princess gown, complete with an intricate metal skirt, in a scene from ‘Damsel’, Netflix

However, despite the outfits being far from everyday attire, and lthough the dresses shown in “Damsel” are not necessarily suitable for everyday wear, they serve as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to add a touch of fantasy to their wardrobe or cosplay.

Among the standout ensembles featured in the movie, a few key looks have caught attention. Here are our Top 3 Damsel outfits:

The Winter Vest Ensemble Adorning Elodie (Damsel)

At the beginning of the movie, Elodie showcases her resilience in a winter dress and fur vest as she splits a plank of wood with an axe in ‘Damsel’ (Credit: Damsel Netflix).

In a picturesque winter scene, Elodie is dressed in a cozy vest that is a practical yet stylish option for cold days. This outfit effortlessly combines comfort with charm, making it a versatile choice for everyday wear.

Elodie’s Rustic Brown Dress and Embroidered Blouse Ensemble

Elodie exudes timeless elegance in her rustic brown dress and intricately embroidered white blouse ensemble in ‘Damsel’ (Credit: Damsel Netflix)

At the beginning of the movie, Elodie wears a rustic brown dress paired with a not-so-elaborately embroidered white blouse. This ensemble exudes a timeless elegance and is perfect for anyone going for a vintage-inspired aesthetic.

The Bold Black Corset and Ripped Red Skirt Ensemble

Elodie captivates in the bold combination of a black corset and a ripped red skirt, showcasing an edgy yet seductive allure in ‘Damsel’ (Credit: Damsel Netflix)

Perhaps the most iconic look from “Damsel” is Elodie’s attire in a key scene: a striking black corset paired with a ripped red petticoat (in this case, more like skirt). With its edgy yet seductive appeal, this ensemble will inspire countless Halloween costumes and cosplay creations, we can bet, and captures the imagination of fantasy fans worldwide.

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While “Damsel” transports viewers to a realm of dragons and magic, the fashion offerings provide a tangible source of inspiration for anyone looking to add a touch of enchantment to their own wardrobe. Whether you want to enjoy the cozy charm of winter vests or the wild elegance of Elodie’s corset ensemble, there’s something for every fashionista in this Netflix sensation, the Elodie’s Damsel Inspired Look.

For all cosplay enthusiasts, here’s a guide on how to recreate the iconic Damsel dress:

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