Dress Up Like Starship Troopers from Starship Troopers

If you are looking for a good Starship Troopers costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Starship Troopers from Starship Troopers.


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Starship Troopers from Starship Troopers Costume Guide

Do you love Starship Troopers, the classic sci-fi novel by Robert A. Heinlein and the movie adaptation by Paul Verhoeven? Do you want to cosplay as Juan “Johnny” Rico, the brave and loyal soldier who fights against the alien bugs? If so, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own DIY costume tutorial for the main character of Starship Troopers. You’ll need some basic items that you can find online (we’re have a shopping list for you below), and some creativity and enthusiasm. Let’s get started!

Juan Rico in Starship Troopers. Image credit: TriStar Pictures

Who is Juan Rico?

Before we move on to the cosplay, let’s first get to know the main character of Starship Troopers. Juan Rico, also known as Johnny, is the protagonist of the novel and the movie. He is a young man who joins the Mobile Infantry, an elite military force that operates in space, after graduating from high school. He is motivated by his love for his girlfriend Carmen Ibanez, who joins the Fleet, and his desire to become a citizen of the United Citizen Federation, a futuristic society that grants full rights only to those who serve in the military.

Rico is a loyal, brave, and dedicated soldier who goes through rigorous training and combat missions against the Arachnids, a hostile race of insectoid aliens that threaten humanity. He rises through the ranks and becomes a leader of his own squad, Rasczack’s Roughnecks. He also develops a close friendship with Dizzy Flores, a female trooper who has a crush on him. Rico is a hero who survives many dangers and sacrifices, and learns the values of duty, honor, and courage.

How to Dress Up Like Juan Rico

Now that we know who Juan Rico is, let’s see how we can dress up like him. The costume is based on the movie version of Starship Troopers, which features a more futuristic and sleek design than the novel. The costume designer for the movie was Michael Dennison, who also worked on films like Eat Pray Love and The Chronicles of Riddick. 

Starship Troopers – John Rico Escape from the bugs Scene (Full HD)

To dress up like Juan Rico, you’ll need the following items:

  • A black chest protection vest. This is the main piece of the costume, as it gives you the look of a space soldier. You can find one online or in a military surplus store. Make sure it fits you well and has some pockets and straps for accessories.
  • A grey cargo pants. This is the bottom part of the costume, which matches the vest. You can also find one online or in a thrift store. Make sure it’s comfortable and has some pockets for extra storage.
  • A black workout shirt. This is the base layer of the costume, which goes under the vest. You can use any black shirt that you have, as long as it’s tight-fitting and breathable.
  • A black lace-up boots. This is the footwear of the costume, which completes the military look. You can use any black boots that you have, as long as they’re sturdy and comfortable.
  • A black military helmet. This is an optional accessory that adds some realism to the costume. You can find one online or in a military surplus store. Make sure it fits your head well and has some padding for protection.
  • A toy assault rifle gun. This is another optional accessory that adds some fun to the costume. You can find one online or in a toy store. Make sure it looks realistic and has some sound effects.

Here’s a video that shows you how to DIY Starship Troopers Cosplay Armor Tutorial

DIY Starship Troopers Cosplay Armor Tutorial


And there you have it! You’ve just learned how to dress up like Juan Rico from Starship Troopers. Now you’re ready to join your fellow troopers and fight for humanity against the bugs. Whether you’re going to a dress-up party, a comic convention, or just having fun at home, you’ll surely impress everyone with your awesome costume.

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