Dress Up Like SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures

If you are looking for a good SCP-035 costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures.


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SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures Costume Guide

Shopping List for SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures Costume & Outfit

Do you love the SCP Foundation and its mysterious and creepy anomalies? Do you want to cosplay as one of the most iconic and dangerous SCPs ever? If so, then this article is for you. In this DIY costume tutorial, we will show you how to dress up like SCP-035, the Possessive Mask, for your next dress-up party or Halloween.

SCP-035-1 (Obsession Mask) Minecraft Skin
SCP-035-1 (Obsession Mask) Minecraft Skin

Who is SCP-035?

Before we move on to the cosplay, let’s first get to know the main character you want to dress up as. SCP-035 is a Keter-class anomalous object that appears as a white porcelain comedy mask, although it sometimes changes to tragedy. It is capable of possessing any living being that wears it or comes into contact with its liquid secretions. It also emits a corrosive substance that destroys anything around it over time.

SCP-035 is highly intelligent and manipulative, able to influence the emotions and thoughts of its hosts and interviewers. It claims to have been around for centuries, witnessing and influencing many historical events and figures. It also claims to know many secrets about the SCP Foundation and other anomalies.

SCP-035 is contained in a sealed glass case in a high-security vault at Site-19. It is only allowed to communicate with personnel through a remote intercom system. Any attempt to breach its containment or wear it is strictly forbidden and punishable by termination.

You can read more about SCP-035 on the SCP Foundation Wiki.

How to make the SCP-035 costume

Now that you have some background information about SCP-035, let’s see how you can create your own costume based on it. You will need the following items:

  • An orange coverall jumpsuit
  • A Kester sticker
  • A white tragedy mask
  • A white comedy mask
  • Black combat boots

The orange coverall jumpsuit is the standard uniform of the D-class personnel in the SCP Foundation, who are often used as test subjects for SCPs. Make sure it fits you well and has pockets and zippers.

The Kester sticker is is used to mark the D-class personnel who have been exposed to SCP-035’s secretions and are awaiting termination. You can print one out or make one yourself with paper and glue. Stick it on the left side of your chest.

The black combat boots are the footwear of choice for many SCP Foundation personnel.

The white tragedy mask and the white comedy mask are the two forms of SCP-035 itself. You can buy them online – Alternatively, you can make them yourself with paper mache, paint and elastic bands. Make sure they are large enough to cover your face and have holes for your eyes, nose and mouth.

Making SCP-035 | Possessive Mask (SCP Orientation Crafts)

Once you have all the items, you are ready to put on your costume. Wear the orange coverall jumpsuit and zip it up. Put on the black combat boots and lace them up. Stick the Kester sticker on your chest. Choose either the tragedy mask or the comedy mask and wear it over your face. Secure it with the elastic band behind your head.

And voila! You have successfully dressed up like SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures. You can watch this video for some inspiration and tips on how to act like SCP-035:

SCP-035 Possessed by Mask (SCP Live Action Short Film)


We hope you enjoyed this DIY costume tutorial on how to dress up like SCP-035 from SCP Containment Procedures. This is a great cosplay idea for anyone who loves the SCP Foundation and its fascinating stories. Remember to be careful when wearing this costume, as you might attract some unwanted attention from other SCP fans or even from the Foundation itself.

Have fun and stay safe!

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