Dress Up Like Rambo

If you are looking for a good Rambo costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Rambo from Rambo.



Rambo from Rambo Outfit Guide

It isn’t everyday that you get to be one of the biggest action heroes of the 80’s and walk the line of good and evil as the protagonist of your own movie series. So take the opportunity when your next dress-up or cosplay event comes around and recreate your own Rambo costume, based on the movie’s iconic look created by costume designer Tom Bronson

Costume Guidr Rambo
In the 1982 movie, the Vietnam War Veteran finds a dangerous enemy in the Sheriff and Deputies of the small town of Hope, Washington. He needs to use all his skills to escape town, as he’s pursued in a massive manhunt. Rambo: First Blood (1982). Orion Pictures.

Who is Rambo?

The 1982 American action movie, Rambo: First Blood, is based on the David Morrell novel of the same name. Set near the fictional town of Hope, Washington, troubled Vietnam War Veteran John James Rambo comes to the attention of the local Sheriff when traveling through town to see a fellow brother-in-arms. Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the war, Rambo has to use all his combat and survival skills to escape the cruel Sheriff and his deputies, using his advantage in the woods to wage a one man war on the authorities.  

Getting the Rambo Look

Getting the right look and feel for your Rambo costume will mostly be down to the styling and accessories. But before you can get to that, you need to build up the basic look for your outfit with a black cotton tank top, a pair of black cargo pants with a black fabric belt and a set of black combat boots. Just make sure that the cargo pants you get have plenty of pockets, because you are definitely going to need them for storing your supplies while trying to escape.

Recreating Rambo’s Tough Appearance

Rambo Costume Inspo Image
Sylvester Stallone ias Rambo. Columbia Pictures.

Now that you have the main pieces of your costume you can start to style the look so that everybody knows you are supposed to be Rambo. Which shouldn’t be a problem with that mullet style haircut that he has. But to really make sure you recreate the look effectively, go online and get a black shoulder length mullet wig. 

You could even muddy up your face and arms with some make-up so that you look like you’ve been on the run through the woods. But whatever you do don’t forget your red Rambo headband. Tie it around your head, with the knot at the back and get ready to stock up on weapons. 

Unique Aspects of the Rambo Costume

Tough weather made the movie filming very difficult, so Sylvester Stallone talks about what his biggest costume regret was.

During the fight, his operation to escape took just as much stealth as all out warfare, so one of the most important weapons you’ll need for your costume will be a survival knife. Get a fake knife and carrier that you can attach to the belt on your pants, then all that is left to add is a fake machine gun and a bullet belt. One or two belts slung across your chest and around your waist should be plenty to complete your arsenal of weapons, and finish off your Rambo costume perfectly.

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