Dress Up Like Psycho from Borderlands

If you are looking for a good Psycho costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Psycho from Borderlands.



Psycho from Borderlands Costume Guide

Unleash the Psychos: Time to Get to the Vault!

It’s time to get to the Vault! The Psychos are enemies that were all familiar with in Borderlands but they don’t get a lot of love, do they? Well, that’s where you come in, with your new costume! Thankfully, dressing up as a Psycho isn’t actually that difficult to pull off.

Exploring the Origins of Psychos in Borderlands

Costume Inspo - Psychos as they appear in Borderlands
Costume Inspo – Psychos as they appear in Borderlands

So at some point in Pandora, there was some discovery made at the Headstone Mine and it was quickly covered up. Not much is known about what happened there exactly but one thing we’re sure of is that a Vault Key fragment made a few convict workers lose their minds. Suddenly, they were bouncing off the walls, going absolutely crazy or mutating beyond repair. These unlucky individuals became known as “Psychos”, who eventually took up wearing the infamous white mask with the upside “V” emblem to symbolize their fixation, the Vault. It’s a little unfortunate that completely ordinary people were wiped of their humanity by something they had no business with anyway.

Crafting the Ultimate Psycho Borderlands Costume

Obscure Delusions shows off their art skills as well as a nice tutorial of their Psycho cosplay

So what to wear, what to wear. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: not a lot! The most notable piece of clothing is the orange, prison-like pants and a pair of brown, goth-like boots. Now you’re already halfway done with your costume, it’s just time to jazz it up a little bit more. Give yourself some black knee pads, the old knee pads from a bike will work just fine. In fact, the more worn they look, the better. Next, get yourself a pair of brown, fingerless gloves and some gauze to wrap around your hands and wrists. On top of that, a black spiked cuff, a regular black cuff for your arms, and a tactical belt to wrap around your waist. The only thing left to top it all off is the white mask with the upside-down “V” to really complete the look. Then you’re ready to storm the ranks of bandits on Pandora in your Psycho costume! Sometimes the simplest ideas work best and character designers, Matthew Armstrong, and Scott Kester thought so too.


The Legacy of Psychos in Borderlands: Embracing the Madness

Thanks to Obscure Delusions for their artistic skills and tutorial showcasing their Psycho cosplay. Dress up as a Psycho and join the ranks of these memorable enemies in Borderlands. Embrace the madness and unleash chaos in your Psycho Borderlands Costume!

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