Dress Up Like Deathstroke from Arrow

If you are looking for a good Deathstroke costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Deathstroke from Arrow.



Deathstroke from Arrow Outfit Guide

I think we’re all familiar with Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke. Especially from his notable appearances on the TV show Teen Titans, originally made by DC Comics. Now it’s time to challenge the Titans yourself with the best Slade costume around!

Deathstroke as he appears in DC Comics

Before we move on to Deathstroke’s Costume, let’s remember where it all began

Slade Wilson’s origin is actually incredibly fascinating if you’re unfamiliar with it. At the age of seventeen, he enlisted in the army and proved to be a valuable asset. He was even acknowledged as being one of the best soldiers, earning a few awards and settling down with a fellow soldier, Adeline Kane, and siring a son, Grant.

Deathstroke is not who I am. It’s my job and I love it.!

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Slade became acquainted with a few notable people, William Wintergreen and John Lynch during this time, and later worked with them until they eventually separated.

After volunteering for risky experiments, Slade’s humanity began to take a turn for the worse, but the company was later shut down and he returned to his family. It wasn’t until someone gave him a tip, stating that someone from the company planned to testify about the experiments to Congress and Slade was hired to “take care” of the situation.

This was the first time he donned a suit similar to that of “Deathstroke”, originally, dissatisfied with the color scheme but tolerating it for the sake of the mission.

How to create the Deathstroke costume

Thanks to that color scheme he despised so much, the look is incredibly easy to replicate. So let’s create the Deathstroke costume!

Here Luke101 shares a thorough guide on how to cosplay Deathstroke:

In this video, Luka gives a rundown on all the components he used to make his friend’s Deathstroke Cosplay and how he made it!
  • Starting with a black long sleeved shirt in full protective armor and pads, as well as some black field pants, the look is already coming together.
  • Add some black arrow shin guards, black tactical boots, and black gloves.
  • Now slide a tactical belt around the waist, and a black tactical mask over your head, and your outfit are already complete! 
  • The only things left are the notable accessories, such as a black handle katana, a black and orange grenade, and of course, his half-black and half-orange mask.

    Now get out there and show your best self as Deathstroke in your new costume!

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