Dress Up Like Dean Winchester from Supernatural

If you are looking for a good Dean Winchester costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Dean Winchester from Supernatural.


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Dean Winchester from Supernatural Outfit Guide

There is no better time than Halloween to dress up as one of the two protagonists from the Eric Kripke tv show Supernatural (2005-2020). Designer Kerry Weinrauch, has been working on the show since 2012 creating the costumes we love, and is the inspiration behind the Dean Winchester costume we are going to look to recreate.

The older of the two supernatural hunting brothers, Dean Winchester, has always been protective of little brother Sam and quite a dab hand with weapons. Supernatural (2005-2020). imdb.com

Recreating Dean Winchester’s Signature Style

The American drama television series sees Dean and younger brother Sam, follow in their fathers footsteps to spend their life hunting down supernatural creatures. Dealt the blow of losing their mother as children to the demon Azazel, Dean carried baby Sam to safety from the ensuing house fire. The fire would not only be the catalyst for a lifetime of hunting but for the stubborn overprotective older brother love that Dean has for Sam. 

As the oldest of the two brothers, creating a Dean Winchester costume is easy to do. His bad boy attitude translates into his clothes, which no doubt are picked for comfort more than fashion. Start with a pair of black bootleg jeans with an easy fit, no skinny jeans for this bad boy, and add a plain black short sleeved t-shirt. Go for brown boots, something with a nice sole for all that fighting. 

When asked to describe Dean Winchester’s look most people would draw attention to his love of shirts, his signature style would be nothing without one. For your Dean Winchester costume throw on an unbuttoned stonewashed denim shirt and add a dark green army style jacket over the top, to get that layered look. 

Show creator Eric Kripke talks about pitching the idea for Supernatural and some of the other show ideas that could have been made instead of this fan favorite.  

Embodying Dean Winchester: Attitude, Accessories, and Attire

No need to worry about hair or make-up with the Dean Winchester look. Keep yourself fresh faced and give your short hair a little bit of styling at the front with some hair gel. A lot of the look for Dean comes from his attitude. But still add all the little details that make us think of our favorite hunter, such as his chunky silver ring worn on his right ring finger and his protective amulet necklace. 

Both of our supernatural creature hunters have anti-possession tattoos above their left pec. You might not have your chest out so no one will see it, but you don’t want to take any chances if a demon sees you. Get a temporary tattoo featuring a pentagram, and place it on your chest for protection. Not forgetting a knife or two. Being able to expertly handle a large variety of different weapons means Dean would never leave home without something. So add a fake knife to your costume, just in case. 

Completing the Dean Winchester Costume: Tattoos, Weapons, and FBI Credentials

Dean’s work has always required him impersonating different occupations to avoid detection on law-enforcement’s radar. To make sure you can move about freely and get the answers you need this Halloween remember to take your fake FBI credentials to finish off your Dean Winchester costume.   

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