Dress Up Like Bowser Jr. from Super Mario

If you are looking for a good Bowser Jr. costume for Halloween or a big cosplay event, here’s the winning formula for creating the most exciting outfit of the party! Let’s see how to dress up as Bowser Jr. from Super Mario.



Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Costume Guide

Bowser Jr’s adventure starts here! Many people remember the start of their Mario days with classics like Super Mario 64 or the original Mario party and while the plumber that saved Princess Peach a number of times is certainly memorable, so are the villains that stand in his way. Bowser Jr. is a lovable little addition to Bowser’s crew and this costume is just as lovable!

Costume Guide -Dress Up Like Bowser Jr. from Super Mario
Bowser Jr. as he appears in Super Mario Bros

Digging deeper into Bowser Jr’s roots

Many may remember a familiar face in the Mario Party games known as Koopa Kid, who looked very similar to Bowser Jr but is actually an entirely different character altogether.

Koopa Kid was simply a part of Bowser’s schemes but wasn’t actually related to him. This character was eventually retired at the end of Mario Party 7 and was effectively replaced by Bowser Jr, whose biggest appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine, where he played a bigger antagonist role.

Since this, he’s been in plenty of Mario games such as New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and many more!

Of course, not only the clothes are important for a cosplay look, but also how you wear them. Now that you know what character you’re going to play, now it’s time to become the little menace.

How do you create Bowser Jr. from Super Mario costume?

Awezum’s affordable Bowser Jr. Halloween costume!

Bowser Jr.’s not exactly known for his style, since it’s very similar to his own father’s and honestly, it isn’t much. There aren’t any clothes to really take note of and very few accessories, so it’s all personality.

That being said, it’ll be easier to replicate the skin of a Koopa with a full yellow bodysuit. That should take care of a majority of the costume already.

Next, a pair of yellow Koopa slippers for the feet. Not only are these perfect for the costume but they’re also incredibly comfortable too, so you’ll be plenty comfortable throughout the night.

Next, two black bracelets and of course, the very notable bib that sits around his neck. It’s a white bib with fangs and an overall pretty impressionable expression on the front, most likely to make a statement. Lastly, the Koopa head could easily slide over top of your head and complete the look entirely.

Nintendo’s loved this character ever since he was originally introduced and has since done so much with him, he’s become such a personality over the years that it’s hard to imagine a point where he wasn’t a part of the series as a whole. Join the fun with this wonderful Bowser Jr costume and make the best of it!

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