The Tearsmith Outfits Nica

A Closer Look at the Tearsmith Nica’s outfits by Netflix

Nica’s upbringing was within the shadowed walls of an orphanage, where whispers of a chilling legend, that of the Tearsmith, pervade the air, attributing all fears and sorrows to this enigmatic figure. At 17, Nica’s life takes an unexpected turn as she’s adopted alongside Rigel, an eccentric orphan with whom she shares little affinity. Fate, however, intertwines their paths in the movie adaptation. Today, we embark on a journey to explore some fashion moments and Tearsmith Nica’s outfits that define their captivating tale.

Nica’s Blue Butterfly Necklace – Gift from her Mother

Nica’s Mother wearing The Enigmatic Blue Butterfly Necklace (Tearsmith Netflix)
Order, respect and obedience! Nica is forced to give away her butterfly necklace, a reminder of her mother, as soon as she arrives

In the opening scenes of “Tearsmith,” Nica’s mother wears a captivating blue butterfly necklace, symbolizing beauty and freedom. This intricate piece of jewelry hints at the innocence and purity of Nica’s childhood, contrasting with the darker themes that unfold later in the story. Its significance amplifies when it is forcefully ripped from Nica’s neck upon her arrival at the new school, foreshadowing the challenges and revelations she will face.

Black and Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt: A Symbol of Evolution

Nica wearing a Black and Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt (Tearsmith Netflix)
Very similar pattern indeed…

As Nica arrives at the orphanage in “Tearsmith,” she wears a black and gray plaid jacket, as depicted in the photo above. A decade later, as she prepares to depart, she opts for the “no color” combination once again. Beneath her new coat, a black and gray plaid button-up shirt serves as a subtle yet poignant reminder of her transformative journey,

Nica and Rigel: A Tense ArrivaL

But she doesn’t embark on this journey alone; accompanying her is Rigel, portrayed by Simone Baldasseroni, a master pianist and sartorial aficionado with real-world collaborations with luxury brands like Fendi, Cartier, Dior, Prada, Bulgari, Paco Rabanne, and others.


In this moment from “Tearsmith,” Nica and Rigel arrive at their new home, their eyes meeting in a silent exchange that speaks volumes. The tension is palpable as their expressions betray their mutual dislike for one another, setting the stage for the complex dynamic that will unfold between them

Nica and Rigel sit together at the table, sharing their first dinner in their new home, despite their initial animosity. Tearsmith, Netflix

Nica’s Blue Summer Dress: A Splash of Color in a Monochrome World

Nica wearing a blue Button Up Summer Dresse (Tearsmith Netflix)

In a departure from her usual attire, Nica dons a charming blue summer dress with a collar neck, introducing a refreshing burst of color into her predominantly monochromatic wardrobe. The dress symbolizes a newfound sense of freedom and self-expression as she embraces the vibrancy of life beyond the shadows of the orphanage. Meanwhile, Rigel maintains his preference for the timeless elegance of a classic black shirt.

Rigel played by Simone Baldasseroni in The Tearsmith ( Original title: Fabbricante di lacrime). Netflix

Nica’s Houndstooth Pattern Jacket: A Symbol of Closure

and Renewal


As “Tearsmith” draws to a close, Nica once again dons an houndstooth pattern jacket, a garment that has witnessed the pivotal moments of her journey, from her first encounter with Rigel to their departure from the orphanage. The jacket serves as a poignant symbol of closure and renewal, encapsulating the cyclical nature of life and the resilience of the human spirit. As for Rigel’s attire, revealing whether he will wear brighter colors than black would spoil the surprise for those who have yet to experience the film’s captivating conclusion.

In the tapestry of “Tearsmith,” Nica’s outfits serve as poignant markers of her journey, each garment weaving a tale of transformation, resilience, and the enduring power of self-expression amidst the shadows of the unknown