The Netflix Scoop Outfits: The Powerful Women and Outfits Behind the “Scoop of the Decade”

It was the interview that probably shouldn’t have happened, a train crash for the subject but a career defining moment for all the women involved. And now Netflix is bringing us Scoop (2024), the behind-the-scenes story of how Sam McCalister and Emily Maitlis negotiated and executed the “scoop of the decade” that brought about the downfall of English Royalty, Prince Andrew. But we aren’t here to talk about the men behind the scandal, instead we are here for the powerful woman and their equally powerful Netflix Scoop outfits that changed history with just 58-minutes of television.  

The official trailer for Scoop, streaming on Netflix from April 5th. 

Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis: The Formidable Journalist 

Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis. Scoop, Netflix.

A well-known face in the world of British journalism and hard-hitting television presenting, not just anyone could play the formidable no holds barred Emily Maitlis. And nobody could have told her side of the story leading up to that career defining Newsnight interview better than acting royalty, Gillian Anderson. Although maybe now better known as Jean Milburn in Sex Education, she didn’t just embody Emily’s tenacious spirit but looked just like her too.  

The Emily Maitlis’ Scoop Work Dresses Worn by Gillian Anderson

Even with years of journalistic and presenting work, it would be this interview that put Emily Maitlis on the map internationally, becoming one of the biggest moments of her career. Scoop, Netflix. 
An added little nod to Emily Maitlis’ whippet Moody, with the trotting silver dog charm necklace she is seen wearing in numerous scenes. 

When costume designer Matthew Price was offered the chance to dress the star-studded cast of Netflix’s biographical drama Scoop, he would quickly realize that most of his work had already been done for him. 

No stranger to being in front of the camera and in a position of unbelievable power, Emily Maitlis is the epitome of a business professional when it comes to her work wardrobe. Something that the Gillian Anderson Netflix Scoop outfits emulated perfectly. Copying the formal figure hugging knee-length pencil dresses, with their modest necklines and sleeves, in the bold primary colors that the British public have come to associate with the tough journalist.   

If you didn’t know this was from Netflix’s Scoop you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking this really was Emily Maitlis on an episode of BBC2’s news and current affairs show, Newsnight.

Gillian Anderson’s Bella Freud 1970 Jumper in Netflix’s Scoop

Even when in a relaxed and casual look, Emily is nothing less than fashionable, modern and professional. Scoop, Netflix. 
1970 Red Jumper
Bella Freud 1970 Jumper worn by Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson) as seen in Scoop on Netflix. 

A quintessentially British movie, full of the best stars the country has to offer, the most scenic British settings and one of the land’s most well-known families, also calls for some perfect British fashion too. And what could be better than london-based designer Bella Freud’s 1970 knitted jumper, seen here on Gillian Anderson as Emily Maitlis. Especially in that deep, fiery red color that is no doubt a subtle hint at the passion, anger and courage Emily is about to unleash towards her unsuspecting subject.   

Gillian Anderson’s Backpack in Netflix’s Scoop

Emily jogging in the park with her dog , wearing her running backpack. Scoop, Netflix. 
Sweaty Betty ON THE GO BACKPACK worn by Emily Maitlis (Gillian Anderson) as seen in Scoop on Netflix. 

Emily Maitlis’ Military Inspired Interview Jacket in Netflix’s Scoop

Nobody really knew how important this Newsnight interview would turn out to be, with nobody expecting it to be quite such a train crash for the subject. Scoop, Netflix.
Netflix Scoop Outfit Inspo
The simple braiding around the sleeves, when paired with the silhouette and button details add to the military styling of Emily’s jacket. 

An unusual choice for the normally bold color, figure hugging dress wearing reporter, but a perfectly thought-out ploy to not pull attention away from her uncompromising questions.

There is even a hint of a military edge to the Gillian Anderson Netflix Scoop outfits interview jacket, with its dark and remarkably drab color, stand collar, asymmetrical front with large metal shank buttons and cuff edge braiding. Which could be interpreted as a representation of her dogged determination and the tenacity shown to get this “scoop of the decade.” 

Emily Maitlis and Pince Andrew on the day of the now infamous interview. BBC. 

Gillian Anderson and Billie Piper discuss with BBC Breakfast the importance of telling the behind-the-scenes story of Scoop.

Billie Piper as Sam McAlister: The Straight Talking TV Producer 

Billie Piper as Sam McAlister. Scoop, Netflix. 

Up until now, it was only people in the industry who knew the name Sam McAlister and were aware of her connection to that Newsnight interview. Played here by Billie Piper, it is thanks to the straight talking television producer and her tell all book Scoops: Behind the Scenes of the BBC’s Most Shocking Interviews, that Netflix was able to make the biographical drama at all. 

Sam McAlister’s Leopard Print Ankle Boots in Netflix’s Scoop

All it took was one pair of leopard print stiletto heeled boots to tell us that Sam McAlister is not the sort of person you should be underestimating to get her story. Scoop, Netflix.  

It is probably fitting that the first glimpse we get of Sam McAlister in the Scoop trailer is a nice shot of her leopard print clad feet. The suede stiletto heeled ankle grazing boots, maybe Jimmy Choo or Christian Loubotin, are probably more significant than just a simple fashion statement. With the hint of the leopard print, and the killer heels against her all black Billie Piper Netflix Scoop outfits no doubt reflecting her confident and independent nature that means when she sets her sights on you, there is nowhere to hide. 

Dark and Serious: Sam McAlister’s All Black Fur Collar Jacket and Designer Brooch 

It is fitting that it was a team of women at the BBC, including Sam McAlister, that would eventually be the ones to secure the unattainable interview. Scoop, Netflix. 
Chanel CC Broche
Chanel Crystal Palais Garnier CC Brooch worn by Sam McAlister (Billie Piper) as seen in Netflix’s Scoop. 

Just like Sam’s leopard print boots, the rest of her Scoop outfits set the tone for her dogged determination that she was going to book the interview that would eventually become the “Scoop of the decade.” Especially with her love of all this black. Just like her fur collared leather jacket that is one of her main wardrobe pieces. With its face framing silhouette and rock chic vibes, that still feels appropriately dark, serious and professional for the coveted tv producer.   

Sam was resilient in her fight to bring, the life changing for many, Prince Andrew interview to the BBC. 

Billie Piper’s Oversized Rimless Sunglasses as Sam McAlister in Scoop

Billie Piper’s Oversized Rimless Sunglasses as Sam McAlister in Scoop
Billie Piper fully embodied the role of Sam McAlister, even down to her bright blonde, untamed long curly hair. Scoop, Netflix.   

None of the Billie Piper Netflix Scoop outfits, in their dark and brooding black tones, are complete without her well throught-out designer accessories, and little added touches. From her crystal Chanel brooch pinned to her fur collared jacket, or her Louis Vuitton classic monogram handbag slung over her arm. 

However, we also can’t forget about her oversized rimless sunglasses, as one of the pieces she is rarely seen without. With the dark brown lenses and large frames, that dominate Sam’s face, mirroring her mysterious personality.  

Billie Piper ‘s Louis Vuitton bag Scoop, Netflix.   

Those 58-minutes on the 16th November 2019 will go down in history, and will forever be remembered as the catalyst that saw Prince Andrew indefinitely step away from his public roles. But what we saw on Newsnight was only a part of the story, and now Netflix’s latest streaming release Scoop has let us in on the rest. Shedding light on the powerful, tenacious and bulldog women, on camera, and behind the scenes that made the interview happen. While luckily for us wearing some equally jaw dropping Netflix Scoop outfits for us to covet.