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The Drive-Away Dolls Outfits: Steal Jamie and Marian’s Polar Opposite Wardrobes

He might be one half of the well-known filmmaking duo, the Coen brothers, but for Ethan’s latest movie Drive-Away Dolls he has a new partner in crime, his wife Tricia Cooke. Full of its own two-somes, in more ways than one, the road-trip comedy has a little bit of everything you would expect from a Coen brother. With its crazy characters, eccentric crime capers and comedy galore.Tied in a neat little bow with the unusual wardrobe of Drive-Away Dolls outfits, to rival the kookiest of their previous movies.  

The official trailer for Ethan Coen’s latest movie Drive-Away Dolls. 

The Drive-Away Dolls, Jamie and Marian

Jamie’s Love of Orange and Casual T-shirts in Drive-Away Dolls
The Drive-Away Dolls, Jamie and Marian. Working Title Films. 

Set in the 90’s with a backdrop of lesbian bars, Drive-Away Dolls isn’t just any comedy road-trip movie, this one puts the spot-light on the LGBTQ+ community. In the goofiest way possible with Jamie and Marian, polar opposites when it comes to their characterisation, leading an all-star line-up of misfits, troublemakers and sexual deviants. 

Little did Jamie and Marian know how much trouble they would be getting themself into by going on an innocent road-trip to Tallahassee, Florida. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

But what about the Drive-Away Dolls outfits of our two new favorite lesbians, how can you steal their looks and whose do you prefer? Let’s find out…

Steal Jamie’s Look: The Drive-Away Dolls Outfits of the Films Lesthario 

We all know Jamie’s type, maybe they’ve even broken your heart. So it’s no surprise she invited herself on Marian’s road-trip after her relationship ended because she cheated. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films.

Every friend groups got one, the lothario or in this case the lesthario, and in Drive-Away Dolls it is Jamie, played by the talented Margaret Qualley. Spending her time picking-up girls, burning plastic on her credit card and breaking hearts. But just because she is the opposite of Marian, in her casual, relaxed and masculine Drive-Away Dolls outfits, doesn’t mean that there won’t be road-trip sparks between the two friends.  

Jamie’s Love of Orange and Casual T-shirts in Drive-Away Dolls

Casual and relaxed isn’t just how you would describe Jamie’s personality, it is also how she dresses with a wardrobe full of easy, low maintenance garments. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

The girls only have a handful of outfits throughout Drive-away Dolls, however it doesn’t take long for a pattern to emerge in the wardrobe of Jamie. Casual tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts make up the majority of her closet, especially in the day-glow orange color that she seems to be so fond of. Just like her orange ‘Myrtle Beach’ sleeveless vest that is her best known look, not least since it’s what she’s wearing as she peers into the trunk and finds that fateful briefcase. 

Margaret Qualley in one of the trademark bright orange tank tops of Jamie in Drive-Away Dolls.
Margaret Qualley in Red Tank Top with Navy Trim in Drive-Away Dolls.

A Classic Denim Shirt with a Twist for Jamie in Drive-Away Dolls

None of Jamie’s looks would be complete without her black highrise jeans, silver studded black leather belt and wallet chain, that she is rarely seen without. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

As you will see with Marian’s Drive-Away Dolls outfits even when she goes for the classic denim shirt, she does so with a restraint that Jamie might never have felt in her life. Sticking to her form that we have already started to see in her wardrobe, the classic light blue wash denim shirt is sleeveless like her favored t-shirts throughout the movie. Even being paired up with the same well worn black jeans, leather stud belt and wallet chain as the bright orange tank tops.  

Jamie’s Going Out Striped Cowboy Shirt

Jamie’s Going Out Striped Cowboy Shirt
With Jamie’s lothario ways and relaxed attitude to sex and relationships she never made one last, up until this point. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

Yet even Jamie has some “fancy” going out shirts that she puts on for just the right occasion. A far stretch from the beautiful corseted shirts that the likes of Ana Santos wears in Upgraded or Mea Harper puts on for a seductive night in Mea Culpa, Jamie goes for bold stripes, with a hint of cowboy to hers. 

Much darker and more subdued than her usual orange, the dark maroon striped long sleeve shirt with stud fastenings and pocket detailing still gets the same jeans, belt and chain pairing but this time it works even better than before. 

Maybe more than just road-trip sparks were flying for these two friends.  60s striped red and black western cowboy vintage long sleeve shirt

Steal Marian’s Look: The Drive-Away Dolls Outfits of the Quiet, Prudish, Perfectionist

It might have been Marian’s idea to drive to Tallahassee Florida, but now that Jamie is coming along the road-trip is about to take some unexpected twists and turns. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

The epitome of shy and quiet with a tendency to be more prudish, Marian played by the beautiful Geraldine Viswanthan, is the opposite of Jamie. Not wanting to “pedal her wares” Marian’s uniform of Drive-Away Dolls outfits are all modest blazers, covered-up t-shirts and simple shirts and jeans. 

Marian’s Lesbian Bar Pussy Bow Blouse and Blazer  

Marian’s Lesbian Bar Pussy Bow Blouse and Blazer  
Maybe it is just Marian’s formal work attire, but if you didn’t know better you would be certain that being in that bar was the last place she wanted to be. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

The first look that we see Marian in is this modest striped pussy bow blouse and dark work attire blazer. And even though she states that she has come straight to the bar from work, the way Marian carries herself in her covered up look shows that this is her preferred style. Refusing to even entertain the idea that she removes her blouse and goes around with just the blazer on to cover her modesty. 

The “Casual and Relaxed” Road-trip Red Blazer of Marian in Drive-Away Dolls

Even when the occasion calls for relaxed and casual Marian goes straight for the button-up look of a blazer and white shirt, even if she added a hint of color with the sultry red. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

Uptight and reluctant at the thought of casual, no strings-attached sex Marian stays true to type and chooses another blazer, this time a deep red worn unbuttoned and open, with a white shirt to hit the town with Jamie. Although it was Marian who was going to Tallahassee and Jamie just invited herself along, the trip has wandered into more drinking and partying than what was initially planned. Which is definitely reflected in Marian’s Drive-Away Dolls outfits and deer caught in headlights stare. 

The Effortless Ease of Marian’s Denim Shirt 

f only Jamie and Marian hadn’t taken that car, had that tire blow-out or looked in the trunk and found that briefcase. Drive-Away Dolls, Working Title Films. 

Even though Marian’s outfits eventually start to reflect Jamie’s with her relaxed and casual feel, she never truly commits to the effortless look. Not even when she wears the quintessential and most casual of all fabrics, denim. 

With her high waisted straight leg jeans just a little bit too loose, and her matching denim long sleeve shirt and white round neck t-shirt to covered-up to look naturally carefree and wild. Marian has a type and a style, and not even a spark filled road-trip with Jamie can change her.     

Even though Ethan Coen didn’t team up with his brother to produce another classic movie that we are so used to from the duo, Drive-Away Dolls will no doubt earn cult status in the years to come. Especially with a road-trip plot like this that has as many ups and downs as it does big name all-star’s in its line-up. But nothing will be remembered from the story more than the two slightly crazy lead actresses, their kooky characters and eclectic mix of Drive-Away Dolls outfits.  

And don’t Jamie and Marian know it…
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