The Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem Outfits and their Earth Saving Stylish Perfection

With a film adaptation in production once upon a time, as well as a Chinese television show, it seems like everyone wants a piece of Liu Cixin’s award winning novel The Three-Body Problem. So after having already made quite a splash in the world of science-fiction, the alien invasion story, which surprisingly pulls some of its scarier truths from real life, is getting the Netflix treatment this March with the release of 3 Body Problem (2024). And it isn’t just the streaming shows Wow! Signals that will have you speechless, with the Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem outfits just as memorable.    

The final trailer for Netflix’s new Sci-fi show 3 Body Problem.   

Auggie Salazar and the Oxford Five 

3 Body Problem. (L to R) Eiza González as Auggie Salazar, Jess Hong as Jin Cheng, Saamer Usmani as Raj Varma, Jovan Adepo as Saul Durand, Alex Sharp as Will Downing in 3 Body Problem. Cr. Ed Miller/Netflix © 2024

High Waisted Wide Leg Pants and Striped Shirt Outfit worn by Auggie Salazar (Eiza González) in Netflix’s TV Show 3 Body Problem.

Auggie Salazar (Eiza González) is just one of the extraordinary scientists that have been forced together from across the planet to save humanity. 3 Body Problem, Netflix.

Auggie Salazar and the four scientific superpowers, nicknamed the “Oxford Five” have been brought together from all over the world to help solve the ongoing mystery of why so many scientists are dying. As well as what that countdown that keeps appearing might actually be foretelling. 

But 30 deaths in, it might come as a surprise to everyone that they are actually experiencing the consequences of a decision made in 1977, which is going to have repercussions beyond our planet.   

Auggie Salazar’s Simple Black Sweater and That Fateful Countdown in 3 Body Problem 

Little did Auggie know how serious the investigation around the dead scientists would become, and the life changing impact their discoveries would have on mankind. 3 Body Problem, Netflix. 

Augustina “Auggie” Salazar, might be a trailblazer in the world of nanotechnology, more content solving the problems we face now than looking for theoretical issues in the future. But the same can’t be said about her wardrobe. With the innovative and highly intelligent scientist more likely to be in the lab than the shops, the Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem outfits are a mix of the odd statement pieces and simple wardrobe basics. Just like this black pullover sweater with its round neckline, puff sleeves and ribbed cuffs, because she has bigger worries than clothes. 

Like this countdown that is floating midair in front of her eyes…


What is the countdown leading to?


And why can Auggie see it?

Eiza González’s Uniform of Pale Blue Button-up Shirts as Auggie Salazar

Auggie might be highly intelligent, but when the world around her starts going crazy she finds it hard not to let her emotions get the better of her. 3 Body Problem, Netflix.  
Auggie doesn’t stray far from the typical uniform of the formal button-up shirt as a scientist, only adding a needed feminine touch. 

It would seem that as a modern woman working in a still unfortunately male dominated industry Auggie hasn’t escaped the masculine uniform that would typically be associated with the career of being a scientist. But costume designer Michael Wilkinson, who previously worked on the Guy Ritchie The Gentlemen movie, has taken the simple button-up shirt and given it an Auggie feminine twist. Seen in a couple of variations throughout the eight episode series, her long sleeve button-up shirts always have a slimline fitted silhouette and are in a softer, gentler pale blue rather than the standard harsh, stark white we are more used to. 

Eiza González as innovative Nanotech scientist Augustina “Auggie” Salazar, 3 Body Problem, Netflix
Houndstooth Blazer
Get The Look


The Ultra-High-Tech VR Headset and A Whole New Reality

The silver chrome like sleek ultra-high-tech VR headsets, found at various places including at a murder scene, pose the challenge for the Oxford Five of, what do they actually do? 3 Body Problem, Netflix. 

It is hardly a surprise that the creators behind 3 Body problem, two of them who previously brought us Game of Thrones, and the other who worked on True Blood, have asked the audience to suspend their belief and fully immerse themselves into this sci-fi world. Just in the same way that the Oxford Five and their cohorts throw themselves into the idea of an alternative reality when they slide on the sleek and shiny silver headsets. 

Although hopefully watching the show will be less traumatic than what the scientists come up against.   

What will Auggie see when she puts on the Headset, could it be more disturbing than the countdown clock she is currently seeing. 
John Bradley (Jack Rooney) has quite the experience when he puts on the Headset. 

Auggie’s Polo-Collar Wool Jumper in 3 Body problem

With the Oxford Five teaming up with Detective Da Shi (Benedict Wong), what they find quickly becomes difficult to comprehend, and puts all of their lives in serious danger. 3 Body Problem, Netflix. 
Remain Birger Christensen Patty Polo-Collar Wool Jumper worn by Auggie Salazar (Eiza González) as seen in 3 Body Problem, Netflix. (Sold out)

With Auggie’s pale blue dress button-up shirts turning out to be one of the few times she opts for delicate, soft feminine shades and formal silhouettes. The rest of her Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem outfits are made up from her well used earthy tones of browns and dark, moody blacks, along with her easy and comfortable fits. Just like her slouchy fine wool polo-collar jumper, in a shade of brown that is verging on orange. The relaxed, oversized shaping and dropped shoulders typical of her casual looks, although stylish, are more a reflection of comfort and ease than fashion.     

Eiza González’s Roll Neck Sweater as seen on Auggie Salazar 

Eiza González’s Roll Neck Sweater as seen on Auggie Salazar
The more pertinent question during any alien invasion, and the one the scientists try to answer, is how the aliens might actually see us, and if that will be important for our survival. 3 Body Problem, Netflix.  

With the potential for an imminent alien invasion hanging over the Oxford Five, things look more dangerous and uncertain when they realize it is connected to a decision made in 1977 when a Wow! Signal was received and confirmed to be from another life form. 

And with Wow! Signals real and Earth possibly having already received one, the only hope the rest of us have is that we will look just as stylish and chic in our chunky dark gray roll neck sweaters as Auggie does when we are staring up to the sky for answers. 

Here’s hoping that less than focused physics research assistant Saul Durand (Jovan Adepo) can rise to the challenge when trouble comes for the Oxford Five. 

Auggie Salazar’s Superdry Brown Wool Coat in 3 Body Problem

There is only one thing left for our trailblazing scientist to get in place to complete her world saving look, and it isn’t her slouchy beanie hat, but instead that fire and determination behind her countdown seeing eyes. 3 Body Problem, Netflix. 
Superdry Longline Wool Coat in Tobacco worn by Auggie Salazar (Eiza González) as seen in 3 Body Problem, Netflix. (Sold out)

If Mea Harper (Mea Culpa) has learnt anything about challenging situations, although nothing quite as deadly as the survival of Earth after an alien invasion, it is that you might as well face the problem head on and in a stylish jacket or two. Something that our nanotech trailblazer and her Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem outfits definitely got the memo on. Especially since she couldn’t look any more on trend, or ready to take on another world, in her Superdry longline wool coat in this dark tobacco brown.  

Auggie Salazar’s White Buton Up Shirt Outfit

Auggie Salazar (Eiza González) wears a White Button-Up Shirt and Black Blazer in Netflix’s TV Show ‘3 Body Problem’

In several scenes, she wears a white shirt and blazer. This outfit is classic and simple, sometimes perceived as boring, but the addition of an oversized pocket on the white shirt adds an extra flair

Auggie Salazar’s Dark Buton Up Shirts and Vests

Auggie Salazar, portrayed by Eiza González, dons a stylish ensemble featuring a dark button-up shirt paired with a matching vest in Netflix’s TV Show ‘3 Body Problem’

For the finale, we have selected some outfits featuring dark button up shirts . She often wears a blouse/shirt and vest combo, which offers a casual yet sophisticated look.

Even with so many other adaptations and potential competition, the buzz around Netflix’s 3 Body Problem has reached fever pitch, so much so lets hope there aren’t any visitors from another planet who take it as an invitation to pop on by. But even with the star-studded cast, messages from aliens and the imminent danger that could be all but too real, it’s okay to admit that you couldn’t take your eyes off of the Auggie Salazar 3 Body Problem outfits. Almost Earth saving perfection in their flawless simplicity, who wouldn’t want to look as stylish if the worst was to happen. 

MOVIE:3 Body Problem
DIRECTED BY:Minkie Spiro, Jeremy Podeswa, Derek Tsang, Andrew Stanton