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Steal The Look: Sydney Sweeney Outfits in Anyone But You Movie

If you adore Sydney Sweeney’s outfits in Anyone But You as much as we do, we’ve compiled the best looks and will guide you on effortlessly recreating them. Let’s get started!

Outfit Worn by Sydney Sweeney as Bea in the Ben and Bea’s First Date in Anyone But You


The iconic Levi’s 501 takes center stage in “Anyone But You,” featuring prominently in the opening scenes with Sydney Sweeney’s character, Mia, at a café. The narrative unfolds as Mia’s quest for restroom access becomes a humorous and pivotal plot point. The Levi’s 501 becomes a symbol of both style and practicality, seamlessly weaving into the storyline as Ben, played by Glen Powell, comes to Mia’s rescue, creating an amusing and memorable moment in the film.

White Pants and Floral Top Sydney Sweeney’s outfit in Anyone But You

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In “Anyone But You,” Sydney Sweeney embodies Bea’s carefree spirit while donning a stylish ensemble consisting of a Billabong Floral Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit paired with linen white pants. This combination effortlessly captures Bea’s laid-back yet fashionable style.

Blue Silk Slip Dress Worn by Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone But You (2023) Movie

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The internet buzzes with excitement as Sydney Sweeney’s character showcases an unforgettable moment in “Anyone But You” during her movie sister’s wedding. Sweeney dazzles in a bespoke light blue satin dress, expertly crafted by costume designer Amelia Gebler. The gown, with its fitted waist and a neckline that elegantly drapes fabric over the shoulders, captivates viewers with its dreamlike aesthetic. Fashion enthusiasts can also explore similar enchanting designs, as renowned designer Michael Costello collaborates with Revolve to bring forth comparable models inspired by this exquisite cinematic creation.

Brown Dress Outfit Worn by Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Fire At The Party Scene

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Sydney Sweeney captivates in the “Fire At The Party” scene of “Anyone But You” wearing a stunning brown dress ensemble. The intricately designed dress, chosen by costume designer Amelia Gebler, enhances Bea’s allure and adds a touch of glamour to the movie. Sweeney effortlessly brings the character to life, making this particular outfit a memorable and impactful element in the film.

Pink V Neck Maxi Dress Worn by Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone But You

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Sydney Sweeney embodies timeless elegance as Bea in “Anyone But You,” adorned in a Zuhair Murad Pink V-Neck Chiffon Gown. This exquisite piece, valued at over $4,500, reflects the character’s sophistication. For those inspired by Bea’s style, an affordable alternative can be found with a budget-friendly dupe that captures the essence of this glamorous ensemble.

Pale Blue Half Zip Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt Outfit Worn by Sydney Sweeney


This simple outfit combines comfort and fashion, contributing to the overall dynamic portrayal of Bea in the 2023 movie.

Yellow Floral bikini top and mini skirt Worn by Sydney Sweeney as Bea in Anyone But You (2023) Movie


In the sun-soaked scenes of “Anyone But You,” Sydney Sweeney radiates in a Heavy Manners Yellow Floral Ruffle Underwire Bikini Top paired with a matching Yellow Floral Mini Skirt, both unfortunately sold out. However, fashion enthusiasts can still emulate Bea’s vibrant style by discovering similar items that capture the essence of this cheerful and fashionable ensemble.

Set against the backdrop of Australia’s vibrant summer, “Anyone But You” immerses audiences in a sea of stylish swimwear. From charming floral one-pieces by Billabong to the sophisticated allure of white, ruffled two-pieces from Bamba Swim, the movie’s wardrobe showcases an array of fashionable options. With a diverse range of swimwear, the film caters to varied tastes, ensuring that every character radiates beach-ready style in this captivating summer romance.

Sydney Sweeney outfits in Anyone But You Official Teaser

Hope you enjoyed this journey through the mesmerizing world of Sydney Sweeney’s outfits in Anyone But You. Embrace the style and make it your own with these inspired fashion finds.

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