Red Notice: Steal the Ryan Reynolds Style

Ryan Reynolds is, without doubt, a hit among the crowd because of his immaculate sense of humor. While you can’t develop a sense of humor compared to his, you can always imitate his style. There’s no rocket science involved! All you have to do is go through this personal styling guide inspired by Ryan’s clothes, outfits, style, and looks in Red Notice, and you’ll be good to go. So, let’s get started!

How to Steal the Ryan Reynolds Style?

You know Netflix has upped its game when you see Dwane “The Rock” Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds cast in the same movie. And you know the film will be a blockbuster, especially when you are promised a rollercoaster of fists and punches, back flips, and spear fights.

Red Notice Bali Scene; Netflix, 2021

But we are not here to talk about the storyline because something bigger has caught our attention, something like Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice wardrobe, for instance. From corduroy jackets to floral printed collared shirts and reversible jackets with clip-on ties his wardrobe contains several classics that you can effortlessly style, starting with this printed shirt Bode:

Ryan Reynolds Plaid Shirt from Red Notice

Plaid Linen Shirt-bode-worn-by-nolan-booth-ryan-reynolds-in-the-movie-red-noticeGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds Checkered Shirt; Red Notice, 2021

If you have watched Red Notice, you must remember the ending scene, with Gall Gadot in a swimsuit, and where Nolan Booth proposes a heist to the Bishop and John Harley. As much as we enjoyed the boat scene, discussing it without mentioning the printed shirt Ryan was wearing would be unfair.

This camp-collared, inconsistently checkered Ryan Reynolds shirt in Red Notice is the perfect piece of clothing to wear to the beach. Luckily, we found an ideal match at Bode for you to shop!

Ryan Reynolds; Hawaiian Shirt Red Notice

Ryan Reynolds Style Hawaiian Shirt Bali- Big Flowers


Ryan Reynolds Wearing a Pale Blue Hawaiian Shirt in Bali; Red Notice, 2021

You can’t be in Bali and not wear an Aloha shirt; Ryan has proved that! You can spot the actor in a floral patterned Cuban collared shirt during the brief scene at his hideout in Bali. The contrasting colors ranging from pink to blue flowers on a pale blue base are perfect considering the warm weather.

Nolan Booth pairs this Hawaiian shirt with a pair of comfortable off-white chinos. While it isn’t the best costume the actor wore during the movie; this Ryan Reynolds Red Notice Hawaiian shirt perfectly portrayed the witty, easy-going character.

Ryan Reynolds Green Jacket in Red Notice


Ryan Reynolds Casual Khaki Goat Suede Leather Shirt Jeans JackeGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds wearing a trendy green jacket; Red Notice, 2021

Men are all about sustainable clothing and items that they can wear for years on repeat. We speak from experience when we say that this Nolan Booth-inspired green suede jacket is the only thing you could want in your possession.

We first spotted Ryan Reynolds in this Red Notice jacket on his flight with John Harley and immediately reserved a spot for it on this list. You don’t need fancy accessories to style the green Red Notice jacket; even a plain black or navy t-shirt with navy blue denim jeans can elevate your look.

Nolan Booth’s White Tuxedo worn in Red Notice

Reynolds-Clothes-White Tuxedo worn in Red NoticeGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds in a white tuxedo at Sotto Voche’s masquerade ball; Red Notice, 2021

White suits like these are necessary when attending Sotto Voche’s masquerade ball in Valencia. Ryan Reynolds’ Red Notice white chic suit emits a clear I-am-not-here-to-steal-Cleopatra’s-egg vibe and provides the perfect opportunity for Nolan Booth to mingle with the crowd.

And even though you are not a con artist like Nolan Booth (so we hope), you can make good use of this suit at parties and formal gatherings. While it may seem a bit too crisp and formal, it is the perfect attire for such gatherings – if Ryan can wear it, so can you!

Ryan Reynold’s Brown Waistcoat from Red Notice

Ryan-Reynolds-Style-Walker & Hawkes - Mens Classic Scottish Harris Tweed Herringbone Overcheck Country Waistcoat Vest - Clinton BrownGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds Brown Waistcoat; Red Notice, 2021

Many people consider waistcoats an element of formal clothing, but Ryan Reynolds has proven otherwise (unless going on a hunt to steal golden egg counts as a formal event)!

Waistcoats are a timeless classic that you can style in endless ways. Beige chinos, for example, elevate the look of a waistcoat when paired with dark brown suede oxford shoes. And if you can’t think of anything else, copy Ryan’s style from top to bottom and pair your brown waistcoat with olive chinos and dark brown leather loafers.

Ryan Reynolds Sunglasses Red Notice

Ryan-Reynolds-Style-Sunglasses in Red NoticeGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds wearing statement sunglasses with his Hawaiian shirt; Red Notice, 2021

Even the smallest details count when attempting a ditto Ryan Reynolds Red Notice look recreation. Take his sunglasses, for example! If you were spending an evening on the beach in the summer wearing a Ryan Reynolds Red Notice Hawaiian shirt, people would barely notice because, let’s admit it, Aloha shirts are that common. But, if you wear a pair of Oliver People’s Dusty Olive Sunglasses with the shirt, you might get the hey-that-man-looks-like-Ryan-Reynolds-from-Red-Notice looks.

Ryan Reynolds’ Sling Bag in Red Notice

Ryan-Raynolds-BagGET THE LOOK!

Ryan Reynolds carrying the most trendy and functional sling bag you can find; Red Notice, 2021

Ryan Reynolds taught us that you could never be too prepared for a heist. His tip was to carry a sling bag to carry ancient gold artifacts if you find a pirate’s treasure by chance.

Our tip, which has less to do with pirate ships but more with personal styling, is to purchase a sling bag for the sake of achieving the ultimate Ryan Reynolds Red Notice look. Not only are sling bags a trendy piece of accessory, but they are also quite functional, so you know you won’t be wasting money by purchasing one.

Ryan Reynolds, The Rock, and Gal Gadot in one movie – Watch Red Notice on Netflix, today!

Ryan Reynolds Red Notice Ending Scene Outfit

Ryan Reynolds Red Notice Ending Scene; Netflix, 2021

We had to end our list with this outfit! In the last scene of Red Notice, you can see all three characters eyeing the Louvre, a distinguished art museum in Paris, and they are all wearing stunning clothes.

Red Notice costume designer Mary Vogt gives Nolan Booth a charming look. Reviewing his outfit from top to bottom, you can see a brown Prince of Wales blazer, a navy overcoat (with the collars popped up to give the Nolan Booth vibes), rolled-up blue jeans, and a pair of brown suede oxford shoes.

The End of Our Ryan Reynolds Red Notice Style Analysis

Red Notice costume designer Mary Vogt reveals that the male lead cast had 6 to 7 changes throughout the movie, and we have reviewed almost all of Ryan Reynolds’. What are you sitting around for? Order these chic outfits and recreate the ultimate Ryan Reynolds Red Notice look today (or whenever your shipment arrives)!

MOVIE:Red Notice
DIRECTED BY:Rawson Marshall