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  • miniature egg chair

    Miniature Egg Chair

    The iconic Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen has been seen in several movies like The Bridge and Men in Black II. The miniature version of the Egg chair is available in different colors. The pink or yellow miniature Egg chair are examples. Felt was used to covcoveringe chairs that are both at a 1:12 scale….

  • retro egg chairmen-in-black-furniture

    The Ovalia Chair: Mib Egg Chair

    Ovalia Egg Chair As seen in Men in Black II When James Darell Edward III / Agent J (Will Smith in Men In Black II) entered the white stark room, he was greeted with big egg-shaped chairs. Those retro egg chairs were designed by Henrik Thor-Larsen and are called the Ovalia chair. Designed in 1968,…