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  • falcon-chair-by-sigurd-ressell

    The Falcon Chair

    Sigurd Ressell is a Norwegian designer well-known for creating armchairs in steel and leather. The Falcon chair, being one of them, is the most notable. The Falcon chair by Sigurd Ressell was designed in the 1970s and then produced by Vatne Mobler. The cushioned leather seat and back are formed and supported by a steel…

  • Eames Lounge Chair in moviesThe Ghost Writer Eames Chair EwanMcGregorPierceBrosnanMovie

    The Eames Lounge Chair

    Comfort and modern style, the Eames Lounge Chair is the updated version of the old English club chair. Envisioned by Charles and Ray Eames (American designers) in 1956, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman have become one of the classic favorites. Not only visible in homes and offices, but also in countless movies. The Eames…