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  • Howard-Keith-Diplomat-sofaImage from the movie "Rocketman"

    Zebra Print Howard Keith Diplomat Sofa

    The Howard Keith company and their designs have been very popular, especially in the 70s and 80s, so aptly used for the movie, Rocketman. The original striped upholstery 1980s sofa comes with throw pillows of the same color. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available as new product. On the other hand, there is a pre-loved 1970s…

  • Howard-Keith-Diplomat-sofaImage from the movie "Rocketman"

    HK Diplomat Sofa from the 1970s

    The HK Diplomat Sofa in a zebra-patterned upholstery was produced by HK Furniture in the 1970s. Made of a metal base and fabric-covered cushions. The Howard Keith sofa instantly looks comfortable with its thick cushions and armrests. One could lounge around, hang out with friends, or just take a nap.