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  • wassily chairNine 1 2 Weeks (1986)

    Marcel Bruer Wassily Chair

    The Wassily Lounge Chair could be skeletal frame version of lounge chairs. Following the concept of using less materials, the chair is made of tubular steel with leather. As seen in X-Men: First Class, there are various colors for the leather. Replica available at amazon (follow the link)

  • green palm wallpaper

    Martinique Green Wallpaper

    Welcome to the jungle! The green palm wallpaper was designed by Don Loper in 1942, originally for the Beverly Hills Hotel. If the goal was to attract attention, then the goal was reached! The large green banana leaves look realistic you would think you’re in a tropical paradise. The original wallpaper comes in rolls with…

  • noguchi table replica

    The Noguchi Table (Replica)

    The Artistic Vision of Isamu Noguchi Isamu Noguchi was an American-Japanese sculptor, artist, and designer whose unique designs captivate and inspire. With a combination of sculpture and innovation, his work transcends mere functionality and elevates it to a work of art that demands to be understood and appreciated. The Iconic Noguchi Table: A Timeless Masterpiece…