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  • dieter rams chair

    Dieter Rams 620 Leather Lounge Chair

    The Dieter Rams chair exudes comfort and a modern appeal. An armchair that commands attention as seen in Rams, directed by Gary Hustwit. The vintage Vitsoe chair is in good condition. The worn leather looks more inviting considering the simple lines. Take a seat, relax, read a book, or watch your favorite show in the…

  • rams furniture

    Dieter Rams Homeware Collection

    Dieter Rams, an industrial designer, created furniture and homeware with his signature style. It shows modern elements yet gives off a nostalgic feel. The Dieter Rams furniture like the 620 armchair instantly looks comfortable. With simple lines and shapes, his work with Vitsoe shows minimalism at its best. As the Director of Design of Braun,…

  • dieter-rams-10-principles-poster

    Ten Principles Of A Good Design (Poster)

    Dieter Rams is an industrial designer and he came up with the Ten Principles of Good Design. A method or process to developing a good design that has become a standard for other designers, especially in the 80s. The Dieter Rams poster can be bought in different sizes. The Dieter Rams Ten Principles poster is…