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  • hill house chairAmerican Psycho (2000)-fanart24

    Hill House Chair

    A modernist genius, Charles Rennie Mackintosh created the Hill House chair for the Hill House near Glasgow. A tall ladderback chair is as geometric as it gets. As seen in American Psycho, the chair was intentionally designed to be tall to add privacy. When seated, you would immediately feel secure. Made of ash wood stained…

  • argyle chairThe Addams Family Argyle chairs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

    Argyle Tea Room Chair

    Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Scottish architect, was commissioned to create furniture for Tea Rooms in Argyle street. Made of black ash wood, the tall back has an oval headrest with a carved swallow or bird on flight depicting the Art Nouveau style combined with Arts and Crafts movement. As seen in Blade Runner and The…

  • mackintosh-willow-chair

    Willow Chair In Inception

    The Willow Chair as seen in Inception is situated inside a Japanese house. Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed it in 1903 for the Willow Tea Room in Scotland. The design of the Mackintosh Willow Chair composes of a high semi-circular backrest and geometric features with a cushioned seat. The high backrest is made of solid ash…