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The Palm Royale Outfits: The Always Stylish Looks of 1960’s Palm Beach High Society 

It might not be 1969 anymore but there’s still only one place you want to be seen this summer, the hottest ticket in town and Palm Beach’s most exclusive club, Palm Royale. Loosely based on Juliet McDaniel’s novel Mr. and Mrs. American Pie, it’s the stylish underdog story that will capture your heart and wardrobe, with its retro and chic Palm Royale outfits. So if you are ready, it’s time to take Maxine Simmons’ hand and step inside the world of exclusivity, deceitfulness and luxury fashion that is Palm Beach High Society. 

Official Trailer for Kristen Wiig’s new Apple TV+ streaming show, Palm Royale. 

Maxine Simmons: The Ambitious Underdog of Palm Royale

Palm Royale-Maxine-Simmons-Outfits-Inspo
Kristen Wiig as Maxine Simmons in Palm Royale, Apple TV+

It might be a question as old as time, but Maxine Simmons has to face up to the truth and decide what she will, or won’t do to be accepted into the exclusive world that is Palm Royale. And she might just surprise herself with the answer. 

Maxine Simmons’ Bold and Bright First Impression in Palm Royale

Maxine Simmons’ First Scene Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV-5
Desperate to find her way into the Palm Royale, Maxine is willing to go to any lengths to get in, including climbing the wall in a less than lady-like fashion. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
It doesn’t take long for people to notice that maybe Maxine doesn’t belong at Palm Royale, but that certainly won’t stop her from trying. 

Hidden away behind the walls of the Palm Royale Country Club, oblivious to the turmoil of real life in 1969, is Palm Beach’s high society. And Maxine Simmons is getting in one way or another, even if that means having to scale a wall in a less than lady-like manner.

Not the first impression she was hoping for, but luckily her patterned orange and yellow mini shift dress makes its own statement. Bold and bright, with its abstract print, the corded lace round neckline and straight cut silhouette was a favorite of the decade, and the Kristen Wiig Palm Royale outfits too if these other looks are anything to go by…     

Obsessed with the Shiny Sheet, Maxine can’t believe that there are people out there for whom getting into the Palm Royale isn’t their dream. 
It’s not long before Maxine is making waves at Palm Royale, and it’s hard to slip under the radar when your color palette is full of bright and bold oranges and yellows.  
The matching hat and white patent leather accessories were the perfect way to finish any 60’s outfit, particularly the popular mini shift dress look that Maxine loves. 

Kristen Wiig’s Basic Simple White Shirt Outfits as Maxine Simmons

The one time beauty queen isn’t shy, and certainly has no issue posing for a photograph especially if it’s going to make it into the Shiny Sheet. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Is that a leotard I can just see under Maxine’s white shirt? Well it wouldn’t be a show set in the 60’s without one, or two of the all-in-ones. 

In a decade known for its use of stunning color, something that is reflected in the equally bold and bright Palm Royale outfits, it might then be a surprise that one of Maxine Simmons’ most worn garments seems to be a simple white button-up shirt. 

The simplicity and starkness of Maxine’s white cotton shirts allows her to add bold, statement pieces without looking too over the top. 
Peach, pinks and oranges are three of Maxine’s most worn colors throughout Palm Royale, although she isn’t picky and will try anything at least once. 

Used as a neutral vehicle to be paired with Maxine’s striking and radiant color palette the fresh, crisp simple white cotton makes quite the contrast. From sleeveless to three-quarter length, with their notched collars and tied up hemline, the wardrobe staple works perfectly with everything from cropped peach straight-leg pants to a statement check for a round on the golf course.    

The Patterns of the 60’s and Maxine’s Wardrobe in Palm Royale

Maxine isn’t like the other woman at Palm Royale, which they tell her every chance they get, but it hasn’t stopped her trying to fit in even when they leave her for dead! Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Although a fan of the more floral and geometric patterns, that doesn’t stop Maxine from experimenting with more abstract color and print looks. 

The sixties might have started with the continued fashions of knee-length tea dresses and pillbox hats, but by the time we find Maxine infiltrating Palm Royale in 1969, fashion had become a free for all. Especially with the loud patterns that were splashed all over the womenswear at the end of the decade. 

With bold colors in polka dots and geometric shapes, Maxines mix of mini and maxi-dresses favors the more structured and graphic prints. Giving a real hippie edge to her flowing patterned floor length dresses and cover-ups, that helped her stand-out in the Palm Royale crowds.  

It isn’t all mini-dresses in Maxine’s wardrobe, with her polished yet distinctly hippie edge that she shows us through her love of flowing floor-length patterned maxi-dresses. 

Maxine “discretely” introduces herself to Dinah Donahue. 

A Moment of Bling: Palm Royale’s Maxine Simmons’ Feather and Bead Embellished Cape  

As a former beauty queen Maxine knows how to turn heads with her most sparkling and exquisite looks. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Maxine might be desperate to fit in with the rich and wealthy ladies of Palm Royale, but it might just be her friendship with the society manicurists, especially Mitzi, that she treasures the most. 

Obsessed with the local Palm Beach Daily Newspaper, nicknamed the Shiny Sheet, Maxine is desperate to be the leading headline for being crowned Queen of the Season. But if her good deeds can’t get her in the paper, the Kristen Wiig Palm Royale outfits certainly will. 

Especially when it comes to a bit of well placed, and worn bling. Seen most intensely on Maxine’s crystal embellished party gown, or her beautiful canary yellow and white chiffon beaded evening dress. Although, nothing can quite compare with her delicately embellished white cape, with its simple round neckline, beads and wispy feathers.   

Maxine goes all out for her party with her crystal embellished gown and matching tiara.

Kristen Wiig’s Retro Accessories as Maxine Simmons

Maxine doesn’t always get her outfits right when it comes to accessories, opting for the more youthful and modern trends in contrast to the Palm Beach Socialites who prefer the more expensive. Palm Royal, Apple TV+.
Maxine's Checked Shirt and Headscarf Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV-36
Elizabeth Taylor might have considered the headscarf a much needed womens accessory but you won’t see many behind the affluent walls of Palm Royale. 

Maxine doesn’t style her very 60’s Palm Royale outfits with the most opulent or expensive accessories she can afford, but instead goes for a more popular, playful look. With pillbox hats a thing of the past and berets, the new headwear of choice Maxine finds a place in her wardrobe for them. Along with her simple head scarfs, cat-eye white framed sunglasses and her daring, and slightly over the top, pearl style dangle earrings.     

Kristen Wiig wears vintage white plastic framed cat-eye sunglasses with black lenses as Maxine Simmons in Palm Royale.
Kristen Wiig wears vintage white plastic framed cat-eye sunglasses with black lenses as Maxine Simmons in Palm Royale.

The Palm Royale Queen Bee’s 

The most powerful and influential quartet at Palm Royale, headed up by Evelyn Rollins (Allison Janney).
The most powerful and influential quartet at Palm Royale, headed up by Evelyn Rollins (Allison Janney).

Move over the “It Girls” of Riverdale High, there is a new group of influential Queen Bee’s on our screens. But just because they are older and wiser doesn’t mean there is any shortage of teenage style gossip, rivalries and back-stabbing, especially with Evelyn Rollins the head of this snake.  

Have a look behind the walls of the Palm Royale.

Evelyn Rollins Equally Patterned Filled Palm Royale Outfits 

Evelyn's Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV
Evelyn is surprised when Maxine introduces herself that she knows who she is, but really with Evelyn regularly featuring in the Shiny Sheets it shouldn’t be that much of a shock. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Vintage 60's Emilio Pucci Multicolour Oversized Collector Item Sunglasses
Vintage 60’s Emilio Pucci Multicolour Oversized Collector Item Sunglasses as worn by Evelyn in Palm Royale
Evelyn's Patterned Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV
Evelyn’s look, even though heavily patterned and brightly colored, is much more mature and refined even in the bold colors than the other ladies. 
Outfit Inspired by Evelyn from Palm Royale Series Vintage 60's French Jacquard Jacket, 3D Floral
Outfit Inspired by Evelyn from Palm Royale Series Vintage 60’s – French Jacquard Jacket, 3D Floral
Steal The Look

It turns out that Maxine and Evelyn Rollins, played by the amazing Allison Janney, aren’t just rivals when it comes to who is going to be crowned Queen of the Season, they also have quite the unspoken competition to see who wears the most prints. 

With Evelyn’s Palm Royale outfits as full of bold, bright and 60’s inspired patterns as our leads, the subtle differences come in the silhouettes, luxury fabric choices and the colors chosen. With Evelyn less likely to be seen in a maxi-dress or even the decade favorite of the shift dress, her flowery patterned matching two-piece or floaty tunic blouse with sleeves is more mature, while easily reflecting her wealth.

Evelyn Rollins in her Georgie Keyloun Vintage Fringed Tapestry Kaftan as seen in Palm Royale. 

Dinah Donahue and Evelyn Rollins Party Dresses in Palm Royale

Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-Dinah Donahue and Evelyn Rollins Party Dresses in Palm Royale
Neither Dinah or Evelyn do a good job at hiding their disdain, with the emotions written all over their faces, if they like it or not. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.

Not to be outshone by anyone, not even Maxine at her own party in her crystal embellished dress and tiara, Dinah and Evelyn take their evening looks up a level or two. Experts at dressing the part and attending fancy soirees, the ladies opt for gowns that emphasize their personality and best features. With Evelyn in her mature, three-quarter sleeve gown in blue, a color that you’ll see featuring a lot in her Palm Royal outfits, in complete contrast to Dinah. Whose cinched in waist and bare shoulders flawlessly reflect her flirty and girly personality.  

The Glitz and Glam of Dinah Donahue in Palm Royale

Dinah Donahue Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV
With a wandering eye Dinah has quickly got herself a reputation, but it turns out that when you are married to a rich and powerful man you can almost get away with anything at the Palm Royale. Apple TV+.

The Kristen Wiig Palm Royale outfits might have their moments when it comes to glitz and glam, but they are nothing compared to the looks that the flirty Dinah Donahue gives us. Used to having all eyes on her, no matter what the occasion, Dinah knows how to use sparkling beads and glittering sequins to be everything from the belle of the ball to the best dressed at girls lunch.

Dinah Donahue  White Dress Outfit - Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV
Dinah might look sweet and innocent in her beaded ivory gown, but you wouldn’t trust her with your secrets, as she’d be the first to stab you in the back to help herself. 

A Touch of Blue for the Ladies of Palm Royale 

Evelyn Blue Outfit -Palm-Royale-AppleTV-25
Evelyn thinks that Palm Royale started to go downhill when Maxine Simmons showed up, and she isn’t afraid to make sure she knows it. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Evelyn Blue Evening Outfit -Palm-Royale-AppleTV-25
As one of Palm Royale’s most influential members, when Evelyn doesn’t like you you have a problem. So Maxine better watch out…

Although the color blue represents serenity and calm, when it comes to Palm Royale it is more likely to be its wisdom and reliability (just like The Gentlemen’s Eddie Horniman) that has seen it being used in so many of Evelyn’s outfits.  

As the self-proclaimed leader of the Palm Royale, a title long been held and not given up quite yet by Norma D’ellacourt, Evelyn would appear to be the voice of reason. With her blue elegant, chiffon dresses in a mix of light and dark shades always being accompanied by over the top embellishments and jewels. Just as a not so subtle reminder of the money and power she wields.

The Palm Royale Outliers

Even Carol Burnetts, Norma D’ellacourt the actual powerhouse of the Palm Royale Country Club, wears blue with this powerful powdery blue outfit matching headwrap and luxury jewelry. 
Not everyone wants to be a member of the affluent and elitist Palm Royale. 

It turns out that not everyone is quite as desperate as Maxine Simmons to get into the Palm Royale Country Club as she is. With the members perceived lack of identity, worth or impact,  Virginia even goes as far as saying that she doesn’t concern herself with the “shenanigans of vapid poons.”

Turns out Maxine can’t persuade everyone that Palm Royale is the place to be. 

Laura Dern’s Linda Shaw and her Bohemian Hippy Casual Outfits in Palm Royale

Palm Royale isn’t the first time that Apple TV+ has looked to the stylish past decades for streaming inspiration with their recent success Lessons in Chemistry, which featured Brie Larson being all about that 50’s fashion. And although we are a decade later, Elizabeth Zott and Linda Shaw have a lot in common.   

Linda's Hippie Tunika in Palm-Royale-Outfits-
Linda has rejected the ideology that goes along with being a member of Palm Royale, and is surprised that Maxine is so desperate to be accepted by the women there. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.
Running a feminist symposium and campaigning for equal rights is just a few of the ways Linda plans to smash the patriarchy. 

Particularly when it comes to smashing the patriarchy. 

Reflected through the Laura Dern Palm Royale outfits that mirror her feminist views and values with an edge of the bohemian to her wardrobe. Full to bursting with denim skirts, as well as crochet vests, Linda rejects the ideology surrounding the Palm Royale Country Club and the Queen of the Season. 

Laura Dern who was originally meant to star in Palm Royale as Maxine Simmons, now plays feminist Linda Shaw. 

But that doesn’t mean that Linda Shaw’s looks aren’t as stylish and on trend as the other ladies. With her floppy wide brimmed hats, bold orange blouses and equally bright and fashionable hippie maxi-dresses, just a few of the outfits that we see the equal right campaigner wearing.  

Mitzi: The Modern, Stylish High Society Manicurist

Mitzi-Palm-Royale-Orange Outfits
Mitzi hears all the gossip while doing the nails of all the high society women, but has a real connection with Maxine who takes her under her wing. Palm Royale, Apple TV+.

There is only one thing bigger than the gossip that local manicurist to the high society women Mitzi hears at her table and that’s her long curled bouffant hairstyle that she always finishes with a colorful head scarf. Young and modern, the whizz with nail polish, who is mostly seen in the salon, hides her stylish wardrobe below her button front orange work tunic.  

Mitzi-Retro Outfits
Young, modern and trendy Mitzi needs Maxines help to learn to sashay. 
Kaia Gerber as Mitzi in Palm Royale. 

But when we glimpse Mitzi’s Palm Royale outfits, they are a journey of modern and trendy pieces, just like her lime green flower print crop top and matching shorts set, or the pink and white gingham we can spy that screams Barbie. Yet the epitome of 1960’s modern, young and on-trend fashion has to be her wooden heeled platform sandals, that Mitzi as luck would have it played by model Kaia Gerber, struts her stuff around the salon in.   

Mitzi-Palm-Royale-Blue Outfits
Well known from the 60’s Mitzi has gone for a bouffant hairstyle, that she always adds a colorful and bold head scarf to.

Virginia Bold Pattern Wearing Feminist Fighter of Palm Royale 

Virginia might have a more simple quieter style to the other ladies in Palm Royale but her colorful and bold jewelry speaks for itself.  
Somehow Linda, Virginia and Maxine create an awkward, yet rewarding friendship even if Virginia thinks she is crazy to want any part of Palm Beach High Society. Palm Royale, Apple TV+. 

It is little wonder that Virginia is considered an outlier when it comes to Palm Beach and the exclusive Palm Royale Country Club, especially when she describes the ladies as “vapid poons”. Friends with Linda Shaw, which comes as little surprise, Virginia helps run the feminist symposium and plans on writing a book about Women’s Power. But not the kind from I Dream of Jeannie as Maxine suggests.   

Virginia 's Wardrobe-Palm-Royale-AppleTV-34
Amber Chardae Robinson as Virginia in Palm Royale. 

Another fan of bold patterns, if not as bright as some of the other Palm Royal outfits, Virginia’s loose fitting dresses and tunics have a distinct african feel to the prints. Burnt reds, oranges and even a touch of white compliment her flawless complexion, subtle make-up and loud and plentiful jewelry.  Full of beaded necklaces, large hoop earrings and colorful pendants, to name just a few.  

With the star-studded cast, exquisite settings and stylish Palm Royale outfits, that might be all about the 1960’s yet still would work in any wardrobe today, Palm Royale on Apple Tv+ really is the hottest ticket this summer. The epitome of 60’s fashion and the perfect mix of high society, Palm Royale and leading lady Kristen Wiig are going to have all the tongues wagging, and I for one can’t wait. 

MOVIE:Palm Royale
DIRECTED BY: Abe Sylvia, Stephanie Laing, Claire Scanlon, Tate Taylor