Cobra Cai Outfits, Style and Clothes

Today we’re diving into everyone’s favorite drama TV show with a hint of tasteful comedy, Cobra Kai (2018–running). Well, we’re actually not going to spoil much of it for you, because we will focus mainly on our favorite Cobra Kai outfits, but you will unavoidably find out some info on the TV show as well.

The inspiration behind Cobra Kai outfits

Our story begins in 1984, and while you may not have been at the All Valley Karate Tournament, you’ll most definitely know what happened there. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence fought in a karate match, and the teenagers truly were ruthless. LaRusso winning the match kick-starts (no pun intended) a really rough time for Lawrence, who spends the next two decades living a life with no purpose, being a couch potato.

LaRusso and Lawrence continue a long rivalry – once their paths cross again, we’ll see that the initial fighting spark never went away.

Even though his spirit was broken, Johnny Lawrence still has some motivation in him. After running into a fight between high schoolers, he meets Miguel – little did Miguel know that Johnny will be his new mentor. The rest of the story is simply too good to spoil, but we simply can’t hold back from showing you the quirky outfits and costumes from Cobra Kai.

Johnny’s red leather jacket from Cobra Kai

Johnny Lawrence Red Karate Kid Cobra Kobra Kai Men Faux Or PU Leather Bomber Jacket


Johnny often gives lectures to his students, but we feel like he doesn’t always know what they’re truly about. Sony Pictures Television.

Lawrence always tries to match his outfits with the outfits of the kids he’s training. The “all for one and one for all” mentality really shows here! The leather red Johnny Lawrence jacket is a pretty notable piece in Johnny’s wardrobe, especially when paired with the bandana on his forehead. It’s semi-sporty and semi-casual, but it definitely catches the full attention of those around you – especially the cobra patch.

Hawk’s VANS shirt from Cobra Kai

Vans-Checkerboard-Black-&-Tan-Crop-T-Shirt-as seen ic Cobra CaiGET THE LOOK

Jacob Bertrand plays Hawk, the kid you can easily recognize by the scar on his face. Sony Pictures Television.

The Cobra Kai VANS shirt is surely a popular one amongst the youth. Who doesn’t like the classic VANS look paired with some cool jeans? If you saw Hawk’s go-to looks from the beginning of the show, you might have never thought he would be the guy rocking this checkboard T-shirt from VANS. However, we’d argue that Hawk definitely has one of the best character developments on the show. If you relate to his story, maybe you could steal his hipster look too!

Robby’s green VANS jacket in Cobra Kai

Vans-Jacket-as seen ic Cobra Cai-Outfits


We love the fact that the show director didn’t push traditional fashion onto the young performers. VANS feels so natural, right? Sony Pictures Television.

Robby enjoys VANS too – well, the casual look suits him well too! Robby Keene is Johnny Lawrence’s son, but he isn’t training with his dad. We won’t spoil the whole thing, but we bet you can think of another karate teacher that could get involved in this plot. This simple, yet stunning VANS jacket is a great choice for an everyday look. Complements his bright eyes, right?

The Eagle Fang Karate shirt from Cobra Kai

product-eagle-fang-karate-t-shirt-held-by-johnny-lawrence-william-zabka-in-cobra-kai-tv-show-season-3-episode-2GET THE LOOK

Cobra Kai Outfits: The hilarious shirt Lawrence s inspired by a hilarious story – it truly suits Johnny’s personality. Sony Pictures Television.

The Eagle Fang shirt is indeed the funniest one we’ve run across in a long time. When creating the name for his new brand, Johnny decided to go with the only animal in the world that can defeat a cobra! Well, besides the mongoose, whose existence he simply ignores. He also didn’t seem to care that eagles don’t really have fangs – he just gave them some. It’s hilarious, and we love it! The kids he’s training love it too, and they wear the shirts as a badge of honor. If you like it too, you can check it out in both black and red!

Cobra Cai Costume Design

As the costume designer for “Cobra Kai,” Frank Helmer is tasked with creating looks that reflect the show’s blend of retro and modern elements. In an interview for Decider, he explained how he achieves this balance. He stays true to the source material and the era in which the show is set, incorporating authentic vintage clothing and accessories for the characters from the 1980s. For the modern characters, he creates a contemporary look that still maintains some of the show’s retro influences.

Set in southern California, the show’s costumes are an important part of its depiction of the region and its unique culture.

“Part of my design process with the teenagers especially but with everybody on the show is to make it seem like Southern California and nowhere else. I’m from there so I know very well what that looks like.” 

Hamler for Decider
All Johnny Lawrence Fight Scenes 4K | The Karate Kid

Helmer also incorporates references to the original “Karate Kid” movies into the costumes. His goal is to create timeless, relevant looks that capture the essence of the show.

As you can see, Cobra Kai outfits are pretty wild! They’re quirky, colorful and full of personality… If that’s how you feel too, then you simply must follow the karate path yourself! Stay kickin’, friends – no pun intended.

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